Happy Santa's Runner is a positive Android arcade game, in which the good Santa Claus, who rushes to the children of the whole world, comes to the control of the user, in order to reward them for good behavior with long-awaited gifts and presents. Intuitive gameplay and high dynamics are the main characteristics of this game novelty.

Flying: Aircraft Fly Battle - although this game does not pretend to be a realistic aviation simulator, but it allows gamers to fully demonstrate aerobatics figures, leading air fights with enemy aircraft.

Junk Norris' Challenges - a dynamic Android arcade gameplay, which involves passing levels in a mysterious tower, where rumors are said to hide untold wealth. But to gain access to the treasures only players who can demonstrate not a hefty intellect in the process of passing ingenious puzzles and insidious trials are able to access.

Cheating Tom 4 - Hair Stylist Wannabe - Meet the continuation of the adventures of the boyfriend Tom, who is famous for his irrepressible energy and the desire to constantly make all sorts of leprosy. This time, the protagonist is going to try his abilities and talents in the sphere of professional hairdressers.

Stylist Girl - Make Me Gorgeous! - casual Android project, the target audience of which are little girls who are known to adore dressing up and using makeup, imitating adult women. The novelty is designed to reveal the creative potential of small fashionistas, giving them a wide choice of exclusive outfits, as well as opportunities to change the types of the main character.

Super Goku Jungle Run - a juicy Android platformer, successfully borrowed the concept of the Super Mario project, although the rest of the project has its own unique features and unique style. Manage the user to a rather famous anime character, whose name is Goku, if you watched the series "Dragon Pearl", then he is familiar to you.

World War Heroes - we bring to your attention an Android shooter made in the setting of World War II from the Game development ltd studio, which involves the gamer in fierce fights, realized in the form of first-person, as well as the possibility of multiplayer mode. The user can access five global maps with excellent drawing of all surrounding objects.

Wheelie Racing - in this arcade Android race, the user will have to control the protagonist, racing on a high-speed bike through many locations and levels - the main thing is to monitor the balance and not to overturn the vehicle, as the neck of the protagonist breaks for a sweet soul.

Road Warriors - dynamic arcade Android races in the terrain with a complex terrain from the studio Lucky Kat Studios, the adrenaline rush with which is guaranteed to all users who decided to download this colorful pixel novelty. In the course of the race it seems that we are moving along an endless path, built along a rugged terrain with a huge number of dangerous places.

Planet Bash is a casual Android project, which first of all will attract attention to the adherents of chaos, rock music and insane gameplay. In addition to all of the above, the arcade can boast of not a standard graphics with the predominance of pixel stylistics, intuitive control and distinct storyline. Events take place on Earth's orbit, and the gamer will control the Moon.

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