Arcade Clicker


The oligarch is the next representative of the clicker family, which offers gamers to try their luck in business by becoming a small entrepreneur first, and then turning into a real powerful tycoon, making the numerous competitors tremble. The main task and the primary goal - to turn the protagonist into an oligarch, earning fabulous money. But how to achieve this, you ask? Read on and you will understand everything! In the event that you have ever played clickers, then for sure you will immediately recognize the features of the usual gameplay. By the way, a little earlier the same developer submitted to the court of the gaming community another similar project called "Bablomet". So, these games are like "twin brothers", except that the creators have changed the situation and the goals a little, and the rest is a complete clone. After starting the game, you will immediately see a bundle of banknotes, which you need to count, for which standard svaypas are used upwards. On how quickly you will cope with the calculation of money, your final earnings depend, and it in turn will reflect on the possibilities of the improvement system. On the earned capital you can, for example, open an enterprise for the production and sale of cigarettes, gradually bribing influential people and turning competitors into bankrupts. In short, which way you will develop depends on you, in the game a wide range of possibilities, do not miss them.


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