City Growing - Touch in the City

Arcade Clicker


City Growing - Touch in the City - the standard Android clicker, which assumes the economic and infrastructure development of a virtual city. Usual tapas, the user will be able to earn crisp banknotes, which in the future will go for the construction of new facilities and raising the overall urban status. On how high the level of your settlement, depends on the income received from each tap on the screen of the mobile Android device. It should be noted that the guys from the EPEE MOBILE studio paid much attention to the graphic component of their novelty: with the increase in the level, new modern buildings appear on the screen, and if the pace does not decrease, then the message about population growth will not take long. So, step by step (or rather, tap after tap), you can turn a provincial town into a developed industrial metropolis with high-quality roads, expensive real estate and, of course, happy residents. Nobody drives the user into a rigid framework, he has the right to choose the option of further development, someone will start with the construction of roads, developing logistics, someone like the presence of an entertainment center in the city, and so on. The only drawback is the lack of Russian localization, so gamers who do not know English at all can have some problems, although many moments can be understood on a purely intuitive level.


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