Arcade Action


DEAD WARFARE: Zombie is a three-dimensional zombie shooter in the form of first-person, which will send the user to the streets of the metropolis and set the main task - the destruction of walking dead in the whole district. In the courtyard in 2072, people are forced to hide from walking dead in dilapidated and abandoned buildings, once again trying not to fall into the sight of mutants, only occasionally making sorties for drinking water, food and medicine. However, many do not want to put up with this situation, for example, the military formation of the MPS-16 gathers under its "wing" all the survivors and prepares them to confront the infected creatures, who were formerly former people. The team moves around the world, looking for other survivors and trying to find a safe haven, reliably protected from attacks by cadavers. After a while there is information that a team of scientists invented the vaccine, so in the eyes of many people there was a ray of hope for a quiet future. Familiarity with the gameplay and mechanics starts with the passage of a small, but very useful training level. The very project DEAD WARFARE: Zombie consists of independent levels, each of which should perform a specific task - to get food, weapons, destroy a certain number of zombies and so on. Performing tasks in the bulk of cases, the protagonist will not be alone, to cover his rear will be allies, and they should also be properly equipped and equipped to deal with mutants.


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