Stickman Legends - Ninja Warriors: Shadow War

Arcade Action


Stickman Legends - Ninja Warriors: Shadow War - make another exciting and deadly journey through the universe, filled with cruel monsters, controlling the brave Stickman. The project provides a choice of two protagonists, each of which differs not only in external data, but also in combat characteristics, as well as unique abilities. Selecting any favorite character, the gamer immediately go to the game locations, divided into small levels, or by choosing a survival mode, will face enemy groups, simultaneously attacking from different sides. All fights unfold in the standard for this game genre format - we move the protagonist around the location and swing it without a hammer or sword, depending on the chosen character. Do not forget the importance of the available skills that can be used to more effectively attack or defend, but remember that it takes a while to recover them, so it's best to reserve such a trump card at the most difficult moment. Enemies in the game Stickman Legends - Ninja Warriors: Shadow War several species, but the greatest danger to the character is archers attacking from a distance, as well as heavily armed infantry, which can not be overcome without the use of special capabilities. Graphically novelty is sustained in the original style of the studio Zitga Studios, everything is colorful, enchanting and qualitative.


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