Road Warriors

Arcade Race action


Road Warriors - dynamic arcade Android races in the terrain with a complex terrain from the studio Lucky Kat Studios, the adrenaline rush with which is guaranteed to all users who decided to download this colorful pixel novelty. In the course of the race it seems that we are moving along an endless path, built along a rugged terrain with a huge number of dangerous places. Actually, the project includes a lot of checkpoints, which in structure are similar to independent stages. But to use the save points gamers have to spread gold coins, which are extracted for the successful passage of trails or viewing advertising. In addition to our outlandish kind of car, many other riders participate in racing races, although they are all artificial bots. As such, it is not the first task to come to the next checkpoint in the game, but if the opponent's machine is in sight, it must be destroyed without fail using an accessible arsenal mounted on the car. If this is not done, then opponents will open fire on your vehicle, destroy it, and you will be forwarded to the last place of conservation. In addition to opponents, in this arcade race there are full of natural barriers - obstructions, pits, hummocks and much more, which also does not add to the game process of simplicity. Remember that in the game there is a system of damages and a car, as a result it can just fall apart.


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