Archery Big Match

Arcade sport


Archery Big Match - not yet extinct on the ground Robin Hoods, this is the hint of this gaming Android novelty from the studio mobirix, checking the accuracy and the eye of gamers, offering them to hit targets from different distances with the help of a sports bow. All game events are clearly taking place in the medieval world, since the locations resemble the corresponding era of the castle. The main difficulty in the process of hitting targets is the limit of arrows issued for the task. Ideally, of course, try to get exactly in the top ten, since this is the result that will allow the user to get a final score worthy of a global rating. The chip of the novelty is the function of slowing down the shooting, that is, if the gamer accurately and quickly hits the target, then he can repeat the delayed flight of the arrow to the target in the repetition - this undoubtedly motivates new achievements. Although the task in the game is always the same, but the conditions for its execution vary almost every level - the targets are placed at different distances, and sometimes they even start moving, which significantly complicates the aiming process. In order to hit the target, it is necessary to combine the circle of the sight with the target, making a correction for the wind and movement in the case of targets that are in dynamics. Although the draft Archery Big Match can be attributed to casual games, the gameplay is not as simple as it might seem at first glance - only the most patient and attentive gamers are able to write down their name in the prestigious statistics of the best archers.


Archery Big Match
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