Dragon Thrones Defender: game of fire - stylish and filled with an amazing Android arcade atmosphere, a game story which revolves around the events taking place in the world of the popular fantasy series called "The Game of Thrones."

Climbing Block - Let's up - elegantly designed Android arcade, in the role of protagonists in which are very unusual creatures. So, according to the gameplay, the user has to take control of the lama, who deftly jumps, and at that moment a high pyramid is formed under it, consisting of many differently shaped elements.

1200: Double Hit - an addictive arcade Android puzzle game from the Indigo Bunting studio with a simple graphic design of numerous levels. The project is still an arcade of the user's reaction speed, and now you will understand why.

Unlucky 13 - Relaxing block puzzle game - an intelligent Android game that is designed to test the ability of a gamer to plan his actions at once a few steps forward, foreseeing to what result all this can eventually lead. Place the colored figures on the playing field so that they take their place.



DATA WING - casual Android arcade, sending gamers to the digital universe of the PC system. The project is distinguished by an exclusive design of locations, neon colors and a sound accompaniment with the game process. The essence of the gameplay is the passage of quite unusual tracks of hardcore complexity.

Super Zombies Again - an ambiguous Android novelty from the studio PXLink, made in zombie-themed. We find ourselves in a location that is teeming with hundreds of ruthless cadavers, and we try to survive in this hell for as long as possible using the weapon falling as bonuses, without stopping for a minute.

This game tells you a touching and kind story that happened to the lovely dragon after his decision to find new loyal friends. However, after wandering around the surrounding lands, the protagonist was never able to carry out his plans, since all the creatures who came across him rejected his friendship, since he was pretty ugly in appearance.

The Tiny Adventures is a small but brave girl against wildlife with her predatory occupants. The user has to spend brave Indian crumbs through a huge number of dangerous obstacles, simultaneously realizing how helpless the person even before simple at first glance problems.

Are you sure that your reaction and dexterity are at an altitude, and for you there are no insurmountable obstacles? The novelty of the guys from Mamau Games will try to let you down from the sky, offering to destroy objects flying on the screen of the mobile Android device, and, not in any way, but in full accordance with the musical clock. And be sure, the hardcore of this occupation is not subject to the slightest doubt.

The cruel weeds have committed a treacherous attack on the peaceful inhabitants of a fantastic planet and are determined to make them their uncomplaining slaves. You will be prevented from fulfilling these terrible plans, creating a battle-worthy squad of the most powerful protagonists who will deal without regret with the green aggressors.

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