Dash Legends is an extreme Android arcade with multiplayer capabilities, each member of which must run to the finish line faster than opponents and earn a game experience, gold coins and points for advanced training. All game events take place in real time format, users are invited to the game or a group of participants is formed from already online players.

Severe criminal disassembly, stabbing and robbery, extortion and tense chases - the previously quiet streets of Miami now look more like a war zone. Be that as it may, it's not even the edge of insolent criminal elements, but in completely unprofessional guardians of order.

Eat and Run: Cat's Adventures is a horizontal adventure Android runner with lots of curious features that distinguish the project from the background of numerous competitors. The protagonist of the arcade is a cat named Pattin, who loves to feast on coffee with friable cookies.

Draw Rider Free - Top Bike Racing Games - this arcade Android race with many moments of gameplay is reminiscent of a retro game like Gravity Defied, which at one time pretty patted the nerves of many gamers. The project from the developer 17Studio offers users to practice in the passage of a large number of two-dimensional racing tracks of increasing complexity, driving a cyclist.



Helix is a hardcore Android project from the Ketchapp studio, which can only be passed by users with excellent response and a strong nervous system. If you do not have these qualities, then it will be better for you not to start playing this novelty at all, otherwise you risk becoming a real neurasthenic.

Food Conga is a colorful Android arcade from guys from Mokuni LLC, whose gameplay offers users to engage in customer service for an unusual network of fast food outlets. The latter are located in several original locations, so gamers have to travel around the game world, trying to please countless visitors.



Polywarp - an exciting timekiller for the Android platform, for the successful execution of tasks in which the user will need an excellent response and observation. The meaning of the game process is to change the main object located in the center of the screen, for which you must follow certain rules and conditions.

Continuation of the adventure story about an ambitious adventurer and his desire to break into the Earth to collect gold bars and precious stones. We descend lower and lower, collecting valuable prey, incidentally destroying brutal underground inhabitants - green trolls.

Mafia Revenge: Real-Time PvP is a gorgeous Android action-packed action gangster that impresses with its highest quality, colorful graphics, the enchanting atmosphere of the mid-20th century, and an amazingly impressive set of gaming features.

Wings of Cardboard is a dynamic Android arcade, in which the user is assigned a mission to control the cock, whose dream of a lifetime is flights, but he still has to learn to fly. Immediately after the protagonist hatched into the light of God from the egg, he was overcome by the passionate thought of learning to fly long distances.

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