Onirim - Solitaire Card Game - an exciting Android card game with a fantastic storyline and non-standard gameplay. Developers suggest that a gamer try to reincarnate as a dream explorer, who has lost his way in a mysterious labyrinth. You have to try to unlock all the doors before you wake up, otherwise you will not be able to escape from the trap.

Shuffle Cats is a card game that, due to the comprehensibility of rules and high learning ability, is aimed at the widest user audience. The undisputed plus of this game project is a detailed and understandable intuitive level of instruction with instructions in a step-by-step format and recommendations of benevolent consultants in between rounds.



Spades is a mobile version of the famous card game, which is mostly popular on the American continent, but now ordinary gamers have the opportunity to understand all the intricacies of this fun, and even become a real professional, having won all the prestigious tournaments present in the app.

Troll Face Card Quest - and again memes storm the mobile entertainment industry, though this time they are not the protagonists of the next funny quest, but they take part in an exciting card game. With the game mechanics, which developers decided to use in their novelty, for sure, many users are familiar.

Gecko the Game - a fascinating Android puzzle, the main character of which is a small gecko, which returns to his home, and you have to help him in this, solving logical tasks of varying complexity. There is no full story in this novelty, but it's not critical, given the genre in which it is positioned by developers.

Russian lotto - the name of this Android novelty from the studio Ironhead Games speaks for itself, and the gameplay assumes the fulfillment of the standard conditions of this fascinating board game. Try to close all the cards before your rivals, consistently expose them to the fallen kegs.

Chess Age - a full-fledged collection of chess topics with the possibility of learning this popular board game from the very beginning. This mobile masterpiece from the bulk of these projects is different in that the developers implemented in their novelty a lot of modes aimed at gamers of different levels of training.

Pirates War - The Dice King - an exciting Android card strategy desktop format in which the user to reincarnate in the famous pirate - a thunderstorm of the Seven Seas. The game story tells gamers the story of a certain captain named Morgan, who is the recognized favorite of the recently defeated Pirate Battalion.

Ticket to Ride - this board game, which gained a lot of popularity from many people, could not be ignored by mobile developers, so it was ported to Android platform. In words, it's quite problematic to describe the gameplay, but we'll still try.

Solitaire Detectives is an exciting puzzle game in which, by spreading out a variety of solitaires, the user will have to immerse himself in a string of detective situations that require immediate investigation. The main characters of the novelty is a pair of private detectives, the company of which the gamer gets to work together to unravel a rather complex crime.

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