Onirim - Solitaire Card Game - an exciting Android card game with a fantastic storyline and non-standard gameplay. Developers suggest that a gamer try to reincarnate as a dream explorer, who has lost his way in a mysterious labyrinth. You have to try to unlock all the doors before you wake up, otherwise you will not be able to escape from the trap.

Horse Racing Betting Game is an exciting Android simulator in which the user will experience the excitement of hippodrome bets, and if lucky - the win will not take long to wait, and the initial capital will be multiplied many times.

Ticket to Ride - this board game, which gained a lot of popularity from many people, could not be ignored by mobile developers, so it was ported to Android platform. In words, it's quite problematic to describe the gameplay, but we'll still try.

Cribbage Pro - an exciting Android puzzle in which the main elements of interaction are maps, and based on the rules of the game "Cribbage." This is a popular card game in the US and England, designed for two participants, whose goal, using special combinations to score 121 points.

Flinch - for sure, every person at least once in his life played in "peepers," something like this awaits you in this Android gaming novelty, only the task of a gamer is to make a smile of your opponent.

At the same table as competitors, Finn and Jake are two characters in the popular animated film "The Time of Adventure", very soon a fascinating game will begin with the use of a special deck!

Pocket Arcade - we present to your attention a fascinating simulator of slot machines, which only the most clever and attentive gamer can win, which we are sure you are.

Online Poker - Android desktop card game that offers and to compete with artificial intelligence, and real opponents in the fight start. Not strong in the poker rules? Then be sure to install an application and after a while you become a true ace.

Tute - digitized version of the legendary board game with card bribes, which originated in Italy, and then gained immense popularity in Spain and Portugal. Each card offers opposition party in the format of two or four players.

Mafioso Free Casino Slots Game - present to you the mega gambling Android game that sends you straight to the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas shining. However, as the actors in the project are not people, and a variety of representatives of the world fauna.

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