King Arthur - we bring to your attention the official Android project, prepared for the rental on the big screens of the film called "The Sword of King Arthur". For sure there is no such person who would not have heard about this historical personality, and this gaming novelty offers users to immerse themselves in the medieval era and help the legendary protagonist to ascend to the royal throne.

Total Smashout! - A dynamic Android action, according to the gameplay of which the user will take control of an unusual gladiator. Our protagonist is in a small arena, where he systematically and is engaged in the destruction of numerous opponents.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - a spectacular Android fighting game from the guys from nWay Inc, which implemented elements of the collectible card game. The gameplay involves the management of space rangers, which oppose the most diverse in strength and size opponent.

Smash Club: Streets of Shmeenis is a fighting game from Mooff Games that does not fit into its format, offering users to form their criminal group and give a decisive battle to competitors in the streets of a virtual city.

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight - for the basis of the plot of this Andrid game its developers decided to take the story of an exciting epic, the main characters of which are Transformers. Just want to say that the guys from Kabam managed to combine in their project several popular game genres - fighting game and strategy.

ROCKY ™ - sports Android fighting game on boxing themes from the guys from Tapinator, Inc. (Ticker: TAPM), in which users will meet with the most famous boxers from the movie of the same name.

Frontgate Fighters - we bring to your attention Android arcade with elements of the action, as the user is waiting for exciting fights, and, all this action is done in pixel design, and the gameplay strikes its hardcore complexity.

Erin: The Last Aos Si - when creating their Android game of novelty, related to the RPG genre, the guys from the studio Daniel Franko were guided, apparently, by the mythology and legends of Ancient Scotland.

Stickman Legends - a dynamic arcade Android fighting game, the main character of which is a brave Stickman, liberating his native world from representatives of the other world. The protagonist, whose name is Shido, is perhaps the only hero capable of making a ferocious demon return to his world, taking with him all his henchmen.

A serious competitor to the popular fighting game Fatal Fight, which tells users the story of a wandering warrior trying to return the world to the game universe, captured by violent and militant villains. As a weapon of retaliation, the protagonist uses the power of his fists, the faithful blade and magical abilities.

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