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ROCKY ™ - sports Android fighting game on boxing themes from the guys from Tapinator, Inc. (Ticker: TAPM), in which users will meet with the most famous boxers from the movie of the same name. The project received a curious design, non-standard drawing graphics, high-quality animation and excellent audio accompaniment, some elements of which the developers were borrowed from the above-mentioned film. We should immediately warn that the game provides a permanent Internet connection, because your opponents will be real gamers from around the globe, rather than dull bots. The meaning of the gameplay is that the user needs to form an invincible boxing team, whose members can become such stars as the Rocky Balboa himself, and other characters, lit up in a popular film. Naturally, the wards need to systematically systematize the user, but first we should closely deal with the protagonist, sending him to the ring and at the maximum having pumped all his sports capabilities and parameters. Incidentally, despite the fact that the project is distributed on a free basis and not deprived by donat, the pumping of the main characters is pretty bouncy and without money injections. Having stood several fights, on the account of the player there are means, which is quite enough for the next improvement of his boxer. Having looked at advertising, by the way, you can increase the collection of virtual funds at times. It's hard to save only gold bars, and they enable you to speed up individual gaming processes and participate in prestigious tournaments with a huge risk and fabulous reward.


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