Hidden Objects: Circus is a colorful Android game, in the gameplay, which is dominated by actions to find items with a passing solution of puzzles of varying complexity. This freeware game from the studio Midva.Games will give users the opportunity to develop observation, visual memory and accuracy, because some items are hidden just fine.

IHUGU is a casual Android arcade with puzzle elements from the guys from Kool2Play sp z oo, for the successful passage of which users will need phenomenal visual memory. Quite unusual in this novelty is the gameplay, which consists in giving the surrounding people their embraces.

A new vision of the work of Lewis Carroll from domestic developers from CloudTeam. We move to the fairy-tale universe and help the main heroine to go through countless levels and safely unravel the secret of the intelligent rabbit that is constantly escaping from it.

Path: Through the forest - guys from the studio Ajoy Lab presented to the court of the gaming community rather unusual and unambiguously deserving attention Android puzzle, the gameplay of which sets before the gamer the task of bringing to mind the game universe.

Hipster Sheep is a non-trivial novelty from the studio Animoca Brands, the main characters of which are sheep, who strive to comprehensively follow the culture of hipsters. In this game, everything is charming - and graphics, and the surrounding world, and audio accompaniment. The meaning of the gameplay is to help the protagonists in the choice of things, items and accessories that fully correspond to their life credo.

Two in one


Two in one - a sticky Android quiz from the studio RTU Studio, in which the user needs to guess the words encoded in the images, and, each word consists of two pictures simultaneously. After launching the application, a gamer on the screen will see two images indicating a word.

Hop's Journey - we bring to your attention the debut product from the Vranos studio, which refers to platformers with puzzle elements, which guarantees a rather ambiguous gameplay. From the story history, the user learns that because of the powerful flash on the Sun, all satellites flying in the Galaxy have ceased to function, namely they are responsible for transmitting the signal to all celestial bodies.

Piece Out


Piece Out is an unusual Android puzzle that offers users to move game elements around the original shape field. The game process has the features of Tetris, but in our case everything is much more complicated - the user has to manipulate blocks of different shapes, which leaves their imprint on the complexity of performing the tasks assigned to each level.

Galaxy of 2048 is an exciting Android puzzle from the guys from Snowpipe, whose gameplay is aimed at the development of the Galaxy, using familiar mechanics. The project will please fans of the genre with beautiful graphics, unusual level design and quality animation.

The purple cat wanted to dine with an appetizing fish, for which he went to the pond of a neighboring mansion - to steal it is not the first time, because free food is always tastier, poured by the owner of the feed. The only thing that the brazen thief did not take into account is that a delicious treat is guarded by militant hamsters with an impressive set of dangerous traps and magic stones.

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