Maze Bandit

Logic puzzle


Maze Bandit - Being an adventurous Android puzzle, this project gives a second chance to popular in due time products, providing the gamer with wide game possibilities and allowing to take a worthy place in the global ranking of the best players. The protagonist is a person for whom moral principles are not so important, since the main goal of the protagonist is to get hold of someone else's money by traveling on a global game map. The user has to go through many steps that are performed in the format of an intricate labyrinth, and if at first it is not a problem with it, then in the future, with the addition of new traps, obstacles and enemies, this task will seem to many gamers a real hardcore. You should plan each of your actions and step, some dangerous objects should simply be avoided, and with others you have to interact, pushing them aside, as they block the character's way. The main sanctuary for our adventurer is his family castle, where he keeps his wealth, as well as his main value - stolen from the parents of sleeping princesses. In short, the protagonist does not abhor - neither gold, nor gems, nor kidnapping. The user, if desired, can adjust the appearance of his ward, strengthen his citadel, which will have a positive effect on the abilities of the virtual villain. Donat in the project Maze Bandit, although there, but it can not be explicitly named, because if you want, you can do without it.


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