Disney Emoji Blitz with Moana

Logic Three in a row


Disney Emoji Blitz with Moana - an adventurous Android puzzle game from Disney, the gameplay of which involves collecting a gamer on the playing field of cool muzzle-emoji. In other words, the concept of the classical "three-row" is used in the project. The gameplay consists of separate stages, but they are opened gradually, because each level is linked to the previous one, that is, it will not work from one place to another, everything is done in a sequence compiled by the developers. Emoji heroes in the application are just a huge amount, a few hundred, and they are all recognizable characters from animated films from Pixar Animation Studios and The Walt Disney Company. However, at the start, the user can interact with a limited number of characters, the rest open as tasks are completed, or unlock for game money, boosters and experience points. But the element of surprise is also present, as it is not always possible to foresee what emoji in the next level will fall into your hands. A characteristic feature of the Disney Emoji Blitz with Moana puzzle for the Android platform, when compared with numerous similar products, is that there is no limit to the actions performed by the user, but a time limit is set and it is only one minute. Actually this is the main difficulty of the gameplay. From the massiveness of the created groups of identical elements, the quality of boosters appearing on the playing field depends, and they are what makes the gameplay truly spectacular, diverse and exciting.


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