Time Trap - Hidden Objects

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Time Trap - Hidden Objects - the events of this quest will send the user to the world that survived the global apocalypse. The main task is to find the disappeared correspondent, traveling through vacant buildings, parks and streets. Regarding the gameplay and opportunities in the project, everything is in order, the graphical component has slightly pumped up, which looks like something vague and depressing against the background of other modern analogs. Once in the location, we search for the items in the list, we earn gold stars for the speed of these actions and get achievements for intelligence and attention to the smallest details. Each section of the location can be increased if necessary, so even the smallest object will not leave your sharp-sighted eye. But the bad graphics here also reminds of themselves, because sometimes the objects are so badly traced that it is possible to learn the desired object purely intuitively by the general outline. Another big drawback is the gluttony of the application in terms of the resources of the mobile Android device - the gadget now and then hangs and constantly gets warm. Erroneous actions in the game are punished with penalties - from the gamer's account, a certain number of points is written off, and sometimes it is absolutely not deserved, apparently the system is buggy. The main advantage in our opinion can be considered the lack of donate as such, during the testing the application has never put forward an offer to buy or open a hint for real money.


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