Escape from the Captivity of Dreams

Logic puzzle


Escape from the captivity of dreams - a stylish and rather complex Android puzzle, in the mechanics of which you use the search for objects and solving logical problems. It's strange how in an unusual world, we notice a small house, comfortably located near the pier. But the dwelling itself is in a huge structure with carved patterns, an appearance resembling a bird cage, and it is there that you have to climb, simultaneously solving puzzles of varying complexity. Although the project refers to the genre of "searching for objects," there is a lot of confusion and requires non-standard solutions, as well as a certain amount of creativity. Any trifle, a forgotten object and fleeting clues can be a clue and that coveted key that will open the main door. It is necessary to be extremely careful and send every little thing to the inventory, even if at first glance it may seem completely useless. Collect ingenious designs and mechanisms, enchanted puzzles, drawing up a general picture - without this you will not be able to advance even one iota. Remember that any found item is allowed to be used only once, because the project is divided into levels and at each stage only newly collected inventory is used. Manages all the usual tapas - here the developers did not become wiser and realized a simple and understandable mechanics. Sometimes, of course, and svaypas are used, but it happens extremely rarely.


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