AstroTails: Escape the Sun

Logic for children


AstroTails: Escape the Sun - a logical Android game, aimed at the smallest users, the story of which tells of a distant planet. So, its inhabitants because of the impending apocalypse, it is urgent to evacuate to the orbital station, where you can either wait out the catastrophe, or go to look for a new home. The task of each level - to deliver on a special shuttle of the characters to the space station, observing a number of conditions. The fact is that only the protagonist, who is wearing special lenses, is able to control the shuttle. But this is not the main problem - some characters are simply not able to get along with each other, so their simultaneous presence on the shuttle is extremely not desirable. So, the mouse and the cat, or the dog and the cat and so on can not go together to the station. Once they are near, they will simply shave, and the rescue mission will be in jeopardy, which threatens all terrible death. The task of the gamer is precisely the correct composition of the pairs, not only on the shuttle, but also for the remaining passengers at the bottom. In short, although the puzzle is declared childish, the gray matter of the brain will have to be strained - not every adult gamer gets to the finals. There was an AstroTails project: Escape the Sun and without a share of humor - animal quarrels cause a genuine smile, and sometimes a loud laugh.


AstroTails: Escape the Sun
general information
Тип файла: apk
The size: 30.08 MB
Version: 1.0.4
date of download 2017-07-15
Android 2.3+
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