Pot Smash

Logic Puzzles


Pot Smash - developing game for people of any age. With tasks that are present in the game, you will be able to learn the skills of thinking and speed of response, playing in different modes. In TEAPOT MATCH-UP you need to look for a time of three identical porcelain object, after finding they split and their place in a chaotic manner in other subjects. In SMASH TYPING you need to press the letters of the virtual keyboard, which correspond to the letters written from left to right on the dishes. LETTER WORDS this mode for children and adults who possess some knowledge of English, there will be words of three letters. In SMASH 11 to a set of numbers to get the figure by adding eleven. In the QUICK SMASH need to be broken in order pots with numbers from 1 to 15. In LETTER WORDS need to make from the letters in the words of the pots, but now four letters. And the final mode MEMORY SMASH to improve visual memory in which you are shown two different objects that need to be memorized and then find them among the huge number of different items. Download the file:


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