Caligo Chaser - cancel the game in the genre of adventure, the main hero of which is Chic. He was sent to a very problematic city in which he had acquired security work order. In the metropolis every step possible to meet abnormal fellows and feral terrible demons that continually attack people. To combat them, use different weapons, military equipment and combo - hitting. Control of the game extremely simple - using the keyboard, touch screen, trackball. It is easier and more comfortable way to manage the game provided by a virtual joystick.
Algadon - this is an excellent game that will return you to the medieval atmosphere, monsters and knights. In the game you will have all the time to be cautious and vigilant, because at every step you watch for enemies and demons. For each defeated enemy you gain bonuses for which you can later buy ammunition, weapons and more.
You've come to the wild deserted island, where everything has remained the way it was in the era of the dinosaurs. But not just like that! And with a special assignment. Your life - the purpose of the mission. Either you game, or - the hunter!
Age of Heroes Online - this is not quite a bad game, with the participation of three races are completely different with their main characteristics, abilities and qualities. The entire game consists of fighting against monsters, warriors, spirits and other unnatural and strange creatures ...
Dungeon Hunter 2 HD will attract the bulk of fans of the genre. You will have a very easy target - the disclosure of a secret conspiracy against the kingdom. To do this, you need to go through an enormous amount of land under moves and defeat hundreds of enemies ...

Flick Golf Extreme - golf in extreme conditions, play among the skyscrapers, aircraft carriers, oil rigs and other crazy conditions with beautiful graphics and controls. There is a mission where you have to score the ball over the river or even a volcano.

Canabalt HD - elementary arcade action to control only one button and only one task - to run on the roofs of houses, but it is really fun to play. The game has come a apocalyptic atmosphere, everything collapses in flames.

Bag It!

Bag It! - An interesting puzzle game that allows you to see the world vozlozhnost inside the bag! Great animation, excellent graphics and addictive gameplay like you! You have to collect the bag, and not just at random, and the heavy and durable items add up to the bottom, and light and fragile top bag.

Playing with a delightful cartoon graphics, where you have to help a friend by the name of Joy - a loner who survived after the herd relentless zombies. In your arsenal will be more than 20 upgrades your items weapons, including guns funny as liquid nitrogen, destructive balls, asteroids, and the giant rolling boulder.


Interesting design, creative construction. Share your knowledge of physics! Move the ball in the basket, to build a bridge connecting the battery with the engine, build transport. The first levels will seem easy, but then you see the complexity of the game.
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