Another game similar to Zuma. The aim of the game remains the same - to shoot multi-colored balls, creating a category of 3 or more balls of plain. The game is very much designed levels and excellent graphics.

Age Of Wind 2

Hit the iPhone now available on the Android platform. You want to surf the seas? And become famous pirates such as Morgan and Blackbeard? If yes, then you need to play this game! The game excellent three-dimensional graphics! There are about a hundred missions, seventeen types of ships, twenty-one island, and more.

Line Runner

With this game you will be able to kill quite a lot of time. Its essence lies in the fact that it is impossible to give the little man hurt ourselves. In the game, there are only 3 steps: running, jumping and flipping. Run jump and dodge the structures. The game has ten lines on which you have to run. Happy game!
Samurai vs Zombies defence - zomborubilovka from Glu Mobile. You play as a samurai and defend your village from hordes zombakov. Defend it you will not alone, you will be helping the residents of the village and the samurai. To destroy the zombies with you the sword, bow, and even magic. The game good graphics with high-quality voice acting, and blood flow!


All the boys in my childhood dream to go sailing on a plane, but only a few do it! Now that possibility has appeared at all, moreover, without any risk to life and does not require much skill. You - a fighter pilot, performing important tasks. After the next mission, you are given the opportunity to improve your plane, or purchase a higher quality. Difficulty increases as you progress through the game, and the great victories of maize not conquer. Collect bonuses, upgrade guns and do not know defeat!

Mosquito Madness - quite an exciting game. Your goal to exterminate mosquitoes and other nasty buzzing. Summer heat. Your hero rests with favorite fizzy drink in hand, and suddenly he noticed that the whole drink drunk. Uncle gets up and goes to the house for a fresh jar. And then you hear a squeak disgusting mosquitoes and other flying fowl, so unnerving people. Mosquitoes big mosquitoes, bees begin to terrorize your character and your mission is to protect him from the attack flying bloodsuckers. The farther your character to the goal of the larger and more volatile across parasites. The game is quite addictive and time for it will run you by.


Game of the series' three in a row. " The characteristic feature of this game is really awesome designed graphics that can affect even veteran gamers. All components of the game very well detailed and unsurpassed drawn. Even a minor for a game of this genre thing as a background does not hurt the attention - the background is simple, but pretty eye animation. The game as much as 200 levels, which are divided into several parts. Blocks to the levels it should be noted, of itself constitute an encrypted file that you will connect from pieces earned passing game.

Doodle dash

The player will control their character, which itself runs on the platforms, and you still only jump over obstacles and shoot at enemies. All as uncomplicated. As you can see from the video, the graphics pleasant enough, the game is active, in general, will not be bored. Levels will be rotated, there will be new enemies, new obstacles. The situation will change, and this is exactly the game you do not get tired of the monotony. I must say, the game is not easy and requires nimble fingers.
You will manage a penguin who roll with the ice slide. Gather as many fish, and come to the finish line in the allotted time.
You have the ability to beat as the famous drummer. The game features 29 types of drums. Create a melody, write it, share it with your friends.
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