In this game, the pumpkin will fight the dark forces that have started to attack people's homes. Gather together 3 or more pumpkins, and run them into the undead. Pick up the coins in the game and pumpkins. The collected money can buy dynamite, mines, shields.
Experience the many exciting adventures. You have to get away from the virus. The game has three modes: classic, casual, and the mode of the epidemic.
You have to take a lot of missions in different styles (Old West, jungle, etc.). The game features realistic physics and great 3D graphics.
This classic pinball you have to collect as many points by moving the ball on the playing table. You will have 3 lives.
In the game you are waiting for the constant attacks from space creatures. Your task is to cut them into small pieces. Experience flying the speed of light!
In the game you have to run and jump on the roofs of homes destroyed. The speed of your movement will increase.
In this game you have to drive out of the office all employees for a limited time. Inspect the entire building, some employees may not pretend that doing something, while others can be hidden anywhere, not wanting to leave the office. The working week is 20 hours.
Your task - to cut as many flowers and petals, to allow for more interesting combinations. You will constantly interfere with the ruthless bumblebees.
Your character - best cosmonaut. During one of his missions, he injured an alien ship and insulted their leader. For this he was teleported to the other side of the galaxy.
In this beautiful arcade you control a small but brave robot. He was on a desert island, where he will live through many adventures.
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