Amazing Alex


You will play the role of an intelligent boy named Alex. This kid - mischievous, he must always be doing something. And now, on a hot day during the holidays, Alex wanted to play baseball. Unfortunately, his partner for fun he did not and decided to play the game itself. He need to do a device which transmits to hit balls. He did it quickly, but, unfortunately, from the very first blow broke the window of a tomboy. Alex tied to baseball, but the creation of various designs boy very intrigued. As you have probably realized that actually you become engaged in the game of Amazing Alex.

Another analogue of the famous arcade Fruit Ninja. Instead of fruits and vegetables in this game you need to shred birds, and it must be done before they smash your screen. The basis is the same, led finger on the screen, using it as a cutting tool. Still you can not fall for the explosives, otherwise the screen will gouging in the explosion. In the game's cool 3D graphics and realistic physics.
Continuation of the cult game Tower Defense for Android. Your mission - to reflect all the attacks of monsters, storming your castle. In support, you are given the fiery lava, deep moat and magical towers that attack at your disposal.
Majesty - This is a dynamic simulation of the kingdom in which you will become a master of the world Ardani. In the game you have to capture all of the northern plains but it is not easy, because you will need to build castles, towers mages, blacksmith shops, markets, etc. That's not all, because your main objective is to destroy all the dragons who meet on your way.

Thief Lupin

In this game you have to play for the robber, who must collect all the ornaments on the floor of the building. Each floor in the game is different, so the possibility of making a mistake is very high. Your response here is incidental role, because on any floor of your character will react differently to the stages. In the game chic gameplay, more than three hundred of the original floors and four characters to choose from.
Breitling Reno Air Races - excellent simulator aviagonok legendary Reno Air Race, taking place every year in the U.S.. Fly at high speed and dexterous turns pass, to become the first. You will be available to the public a number of aircraft with various characteristics. For realism, the makers have created a real modification of aircraft and airfields. The game active atmosphere, high-quality graphics, convenient operation with a view to setting. One of the main advantages in the game - the presence of network games on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the possibility of up to eight people at once.

Osmos HD

Another arcade microcosm of where we need to control the body and attack the smaller fish to get bigger. Absorbed by other organisms to grow up and do more, but fear huge organisms, which are also not willing to taste you. For performing a necessary kick particles behind in order to give the acceleration. For any such manipulation of the mass you lose, so you should think about the maneuver and the choice of victims. The game graphics elegant, twenty seven levels in a mode of Odysseus and seventy two in Arcade mode, good physics, eight locations and a wonderful voice instructions.
The meaning of this fun game - to pass the different levels within the shortest period of time, controlling the ball. You can choose a track with four submitted.

Skull Jump

In this arcade game to overcome all obstacles. Character is a child who will jump on the skull. You can change the angle, power and direction of the jump. Try not to fall below the platform as the hot lava flows.
You will run the island in search of ancient coins and artifacts. In this game, there are multiple locations and characters. You will a lot of levels, which will meet different creatures that live on the island.
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