Drawrace 2


Probably the first thing to provide first-rate piece of racing. Here, in contrast to the thousands of other races, there is a unique control racing car. The player does not have to steer the car throughout the race. All that is required - is before the start of the race with your finger to draw a trajectory for your car and will try to go. However, this is not easy as it seems. In game two the cars drawrace wonderful, real physics. Consequently, cars and stores, and reverses and tosses from side to side. You need to thoroughly calculate the trajectory. Think about how cool can be a turn, at what speed will the car is included in the rotation. Thinking through all the details, draw the final line of the machine.

Spider-Man Running - is unusual and very funny arcade game. You need to cancel the reaction and the ability to quickly make decisions. You play the role of Spider-Man, but not quite normal. Now you hover on its web not in the metropolis of high-rise buildings, and in the clouds. The main purpose for you - is to fly, not falling as far as possible. However, one should beware of Ptah, because they are so strive your web break, and still be afraid of the high hills. The game simple operation, therefore, can not bother and just enjoy while playing. Joyful music on the background will give an opportunity to relax and get real pleasure from the game.

Who of us, longing for the PC, not engaged in unfolding of solitaire? The developers have taken into account the ability to install the game on all devices Android, whether it be a small phone or tablet computer. Solitaire downloading to your device with a touch screen, you will be able to completely forget about the unnecessary actions dragged card is very simple, and is hard to miss. In addition, the functional game allows you to modify the look to suit your needs, so you can create your own unique play space. Focus on the game and lots of fun guaranteed!

Create your own world, and that is then you need to learn. Between reality and dreams, there is a place where lives the big world with his creations, which came up with you personally. You will manage the settlers, they will search for hidden treasure, cultivate beautiful plants build up the building. In this world live a mystical fairies are fussing about fruit and other fruits, the gnomes are looking for and dig up the treasure, there are also other interesting and colorful characters. You need to talk with the inhabitants of the settlement, perform their tasks, this will give the opportunity to receive an even greater number of different awards, and in this city thanks to the efforts will only succeed.
Game worthy of the attention of even the most demanding player. Great strategy type Tower Defense with the theme of the second world war. You will be involved in the battles of the second World War in Europe. The main key to success, of course, is the correct flow of available resources, as well as placing a competent army. Then take a lot to think about. The game has many different maps, three difficulty levels, three game modes and models of military equipment used in the battlefields of those distant years.
Qualitative simulation of bowling for your device based on the OS Android. Easy and intuitive control through the sensor on how you throw the ball is in force and according to its line of motion. In the game to knock down with the least amount of balls installed at the end of the track pins. This entertaining game uses hand-drawn backgrounds. However, in the game there is advertising, but it is completely free.

Do you have a favorite athlete, who is unable to in real life to win a major victory? You want to make him the first racket of the world? Excellent, because this is a gaming application is very easy to implement. Naturally, you will need to play a lot, conquer titles and collect points. Wish to create their own athlete? Is not a problem, because you can make a character of either sex by choice, to give it its own name and start it to the top! However, not be easy to get into a solid tournament, and will need to start with the most simple events. But this contains all the beauty of the game of tennis!

To date, most high-quality simulation of American football is a game Rugby Nations 2011. This game has great graphics, intuitive user interface, and it has all the exercises and techniques that are typical of rugby in this life. The most important thing - to be able to organize and implement the right strategy for your own game, to leave all his rivals far behind. All the players in the draft Rugby Nations 2011 is unsurpassed crafted and detailed. After each goal scored you will be able to watch different animations Glee athletes. The game has only one drawback - it is entirely in English.

Bistro Cook

You will work in this game chef. Your mission - to quickly and good service all visitors to your public catering. The game provides three modes of difficulty, and another bonus adventure mode. There is also a chance to post their own results in the virtual table of records. Also for convenience, there is a mode of "training", after which you are very familiar with the secrets of simple cooking.

Attention players is an old port of the legendary game "Field of Dreams" for Android. Rather, we all remember the good old "Field of Miracles", accompanied by our childhood. Here the entire database of questions left past (fully saturated with the spirit of perestroika), and also introduced some changes (added fresh, very entertaining questions.) Similarly, you will rejoice to hear that the gameplay were added 4 new hero. I must say that the game was created and finished on a collective basis in spare time. Therefore, please do not judge very seriously. Just get drunk with the famous game, which brought many of us.

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