Race with a very good three-dimensional graphics! You can take a fancy to one of the 3 modes of play. In this game, six different kinds of cameras, different weather, lights illuminate when it is dark, the different colors of cars, sparks, and defects in the collision! Playing the adherent retro racing.
Decent races in 2D. The aim of the game is the fact that you are required as soon as possible to bring passengers, driving his own old pickup truck. The game is there magnificently sketched by hand and videographers different type of gameplay.
Do you remember how we were playing the game "Minesweeper" on your computer, you can now play it on your own phone. The playing field here exactly like in Windows. You can adjust the value of the field and send your achievements online to see and compare their results and the results of other players.
Drumming. Train and be a super star. Great game. Goal of the game hit the notes. In the game a lot of levels, simple graphics and gameplay of dashing. Appropriate play with headphones for the steepest effect. The game is quite difficult.

Temple Run

Welcome arcade runner finally appeared on Android! Your diligence in the search for the holy idol has finally yielded fruit, and now you have a sacred idol, but not so easy, after the disappearance of sculptures, perfume, guards awoke to return the statue to its rightful place, and your mission is to get away from them as possible rather, with the figure to preserve intact.
A stunning puzzle made famous for owners Android devices. Apply for your own logical thinking proschityvaniya moves and progress through the levels. The mission is simple - to throw a bit of water to the end point in the level. The game has great graphics and gameplay practical.
In this game you will be a dynamic jump and run, dodge and hide, fight, and shoot. You are waiting for a lot of different enemies on the way to the main boss. Use against them different techniques and combinations of attacks.
The essence of the game - to stack falling figures in the line so that no empty seats. Such lines will explode, and for this you will earn points.
You are transported back to 2999, and visit a distant galaxy, where the aliens are creating in their secret labs zombie pilots, who have to destroy the entire planet!
In this game you will act as a skier. It's great that the developers have released a game that is devoted to extreme sports types (slalom, slalom and other large) rather than the traditional race on skis. A key feature of this sports simulator - is the right to create their own style of the athlete and his equipment. Upon completion of the transmission line, your score will automatically be entered in the statistics in the world. To do this, you need to register on the portal game developer and go to your account.
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