In this exciting game you have to destroy the building, a properly chosen explosives. You will pass the level if the collapsed buildings will be below the blue line.
Help hamster prepare food reserves for the winter! You have to visit different lands, which are full of obstacles and traps. You must secure your little animal way. Build bridges, put out the fire, put the ladder, change the slope of the land to change the speed of the hamster.
Set in outer space, where you will roll the ball over the sparkling complex maze. Collect the maximum amount of bonuses and find the thing that opens a portal to the next map.

Copter 2

You have to protect your base from a large army and nuclear weapons of your enemies. But you have no reinforcements, so the only way to escape is an escape. Use your helicopter to get away from persecution.

Playing chess with a new beautiful design. You can choose different board and pieces. The game has a multiplayer mode, where you can store data on parties, and single mode with the option to auto-save, which will continue playing from the point where it last stopped playing.

In this fun game you will take part in the misunderstandings, quarrels and fights between a cat and a dog. The dog is always the first provokes a cat by throwing it bones and bombs. She, in turn, immediately throws the skeletons and the remains of the fish back.
Your task - to save the planet from the attack of the main character of aggressive invaders from another galaxy. In this exciting game has 40 missions, in which you fight for survival four moons.
The main character - the Greek god Zeus. You have to throw lightning at people who have angered you. Use different power-ups to earn the most points.


You have to help the forest fairies, who lost in the terrible forest, find your way home. The game consists of three worlds and 30 levels of difficulty. In each level you have to find 3 crystal. They will get into another game world.
The game's plot tells the story of a military base in the middle of the desert, which is engaged in the research and development of experimental weapons. Next to her, a meteorite fell, and with it the Earth appeared alien life form.
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