Backstab HD

The action of this exciting game is set in the XVIII century on the island in the Caribbean. The main character - Henry Blake, a former officer of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, you should help him in the quest for truth and revenge. Take into service cunning, agility, deadly combat skills to defeat the enemy and all who dare to stand in your way. The game is fairly big and beautiful world, which has many components thoroughly traced and for orientation in this space to help you provided a detailed map.
In this game you will control a huge worm. Devour the people and animals that undermines cars and tanks, bring down planes, in general, destroy everything!

Going Nuts

Collecting flying squirrel and acorns, while avoiding obstacles. Excellent game with 3D grafikoy.Mozhno modify the equipment in the game, there are three exciting maps - you can soar above the ordinary timber, you can over the burnt, and can be frozen over.
Superb Simulator Games - Rugby. The game has an excellent three-dimensional graphics. Management is very comfortable. Most of all I liked that after scoring player of positive emotions begins to dance.

Go Sling!

You will catapult the ducks, hedgehogs, and other little animals. They can hide behind rocks and trees, barrels, etc. For accurate hits you will count points that allow you to open the next levels.
Your task is to feed the poor zombie brains, which are scattered around the world. Also, do not let the zombies faced spider equipped with mines. Still you have to collect as many stars.
Game about a little bunny who wanted to fly. You have to remove blocks so that a rabbit could not immediately fly away, but lasted a while clouds. If he flies away immediately, you will lose.
The game has a funny story! The main character - a fantastic character who must free his friends from prison.
In this popular game you hunt ducks. Choose one of the two modes and get to the beloved. To go to the next level, kill at least 5 ducks.
Logical arcade game where you need to for a limited time to spend the way virtual car on a sheet of paper. Do not forget to collect points, the more, the better.
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