Universally recognizable family simulation of real life now and on your mobile device. The Sims 3 HD for Android will make it possible to create your own character and go all the way everyday
Wayne Rooney and high society elite players in the world invites you to play some games. Football simulation game EA FIFA 2010 for Android gives you a memorable experience of football fights elite clubs powerful European and World Championships
Game Tom Clancys HAWX for Android in the genre of arcade flight simulator will give you unforgettable emotions from the sight. We begin our educational program with a short history. You need to play the role of the U.S. Air Force pilot, who was named David Crenshaw. You are a soldier of the prestigious Division High Altitude Warfare eXperimental squadron

HOMERUN BATTLE 3D - a multiplayer game of baseball. You can play over the internet as well as between other phones and the Internet. There are several game modes: Classic, Arcade, Training.

So, you have the shooter elite unit to combat terror and you are in one of the hot spots of the Middle East. Together with his unit on you rests the mission to ensure peace in the provided area and protect innocent people from death. Game Modern Combat: Sandstorm for Android embody representation of events in your mobile device and force your knees rattle with fear. Be careful!

Scramble With Friends - fun, quick search for words in the online mode, the game for everyone! Quickly slide your finger over the neighboring letters and form words forwards, backwards or sideways, any way. Play with your friends in 3 two-minute rounds. The player with the most points wins.

Spirit - an exciting arcade retro madness. One of the best arcade games recreated for touch screens on at the AppStore. Take control of the Spirit and draw it through the countless ranks of opponents, bending space and sending the evil spirits in another dimension.

Robo Defense - one from the very best game for the Android platform. The goal - to kill all until they disappeared. Thus it is necessary to complicate the task of the enemy, build mazes of guns. To win to win 100 rounds of combat where there are fast cars, soldiers, angry dogs, impenetrable tanks.
UNO - the classic card game for the whole family! Play against the computer or with your friends on one device, combining the numbers and colors! Get rid of the cards first, but do not forget to shout "UNO!", Where you will have one card!
Now many people prefer in their idle time to play different kinds of solitaire. Now owners of Android-smartphones have a chance to play more than 10 traditional solitaire game with Hardwood Solitaire IV ...
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