Your goal is not to fall into a terrible teeth ancient dinosaurs. The game has several versions of weapons from a knife to a gun. You can still get away from the dinosaurs on a motorcycle. The game deluxe HD graphics.
In this game you will become a full ruler and lord of the ants - give them food, kill, burn, go to war, undermine, move and organize them race - it all depends on your imagination, but their fate is in your hands! Will they live peacefully or fight to the death - it depends entirely on you.


Sift Heads - quite unusual and really interesting to make a shooter in which the player will participate in the crossfire as with criminal gangs and the cops. There is a sniper rifle and machine. The game is good enough to draw graphics and great sound.

Odd One Out: Candytilt - is a logic game, based on physics. The player will devastate cleaned machine with chewing gum. You will find a lot of levels, which, by applying logic and balance to throw the ball to the red platform. However, be careful, look, do not fall down to the balls is white, and the level will be lost. Add or remove pieces of land opposite the need to shift the center of gravity and throw the ball in red, block balls white and search solutions for any level. Rotating blades, bubbles, ropes and other items will either help or hinder the you in your attempts to get a delicious gum. The game has a rudimentary graphics, but perfectly Sophisticated physics and good gameplay.

Ninja Slash!


This game combines just two popular gaming genre: Slasher and Runer, so your goal - to continuously run and, waving his sword in all directions, to destroy the monsters that want to reach you. You are waiting for the endless possibilities of shredding, you can cut the screen all, even the smallest details of the environment. Collect as the game different bonuses that will multiply your power and agility. Collect the required amount of energy to summon a powerful demon tiger, and any barrier to you on the shoulder. The graphics in the game bad enough, done in the style of anime.

Mini Motor Racing - is a first-class race toy cars from the D / W. In any model implemented the most advanced technology and the nitro-mounted accelerator. You will be able to organize the race through multiplayer with your friends. Choose any car at will: sport, racing, truck, bus for school and this is not the whole list of available machines. The game has more than twenty lines of various complexity, with different atmospheric conditions, you have to drive in daylight and at night. Upgrade your car, in order to become a better rider and exceed all.



Good physical puzzle game that will shake up the gray matter of your brain. The meaning of the puzzle is to place on the field magnets in this manner to form a flow of energy that can fill a two batteries. The level is complete, as soon as the energy in the batteries will fill the final division. The game clear graphics and good audio design.

Flick Nations Rugby - Rugby qualitative simulator. Check your own aim and try to hit the gate. Choose from 15 top countries in the world of rugby, among which are the United Kingdom, Wales, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Each level of the game you expect certain tasks. For example, in a job need to collect the largest number of game points, throwing the ball in play areas, which are marked with white, blue, yellow or red. The game good graphics and responsive, responsive management. Develop your skills, gain experience and become the best rugby player.

Dinosaur War - this game can be considered strategy, as the player will have to organize a colony of dinosaurs to form them excellent conditions for existence, but on the other hand you will need to participate in a very ruthless and brutal war. Originally dinosaurs and representatives of the human race lived peacefully, but at some point were the evil forces that have begun to destroy people.


In this exciting game you will need to drive a motor boat to take part in the frenzy. You will need to overtake as many other boats to win and open up new opportunities for themselves. In order to qualify and participate in each subsequent contest, you must reach the finish in the first three. Winning the race circuits, to earn a bonus, you'll be able to pump your racing motor boat for a more successful races in the other levels.
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