Chin Up


In this very fun and positive toy, you will play the role of Chin, who works as a builder. He needs to find himself on the roof of the building using the cradle of solid bamboo, but the point is that the rise of the building make it difficult to different objects and things that fly at you from a great height. Along with the beautiful image of the game you will hear an amusing song, which is also spiced good effects, and even the voice acting of the main character, which certainly amuse you during gameplay. Any level of resourcefulness and you require quick responses.

Roll in the Hole - unusual platformer in which you will need to help navigate the large panda platform, but because it is very plump and heavy, you will need to push it again and again, in order to move as quickly as possible. On each of the many levels you need to collect three ice cream parlors, and it must be done at the appointed time. Very nice game, with the qualitative performance of graphics and cool music.

Velox 3D

You have to play a box jumping over obstacles. Playing something like a game of Smooth 3D. You need to pass the entire map and how to seek less to lose control. All operations are performed with the box accelerometer.
Your job is not to pick at the skateboard thus trying to kill the undead. During the game you'll discover new worlds full of exciting adventures. The game countless missions to be performed that would transcend to another level. With every level you get open destructive weapons to kill zombakov.
Space-defensive strategy game in the tower - Space Station. Accumulates energy from the asteroid paving transport channels to your station. Get the energy you can use to route new channels and gathering energy from the asteroid, and to install protective gun that will shoot in extraterrestrial enemies. Every asteroid has limited reserves of energy, so do not expect to acquire energy only from the 1st source.
His Adventure - a fun game where you have to hold tiny little man to the door. You need to assist the little man get to the exit by using the platform you're right. Still are present at every level 3 stars needed to detect new worlds. In the game only four of the world and in every eighteen levels.

Top Truck

Go past the barrier on Monster Truck. Top Truck race will be canceled where it is necessary to pass obstacles in the Monster Truck. It can be considered a typical analog Trial Xtreme. The game has three locations, sixteen vehicles and multiple levels with hidden routes. By means of an accelerometer and touchscreen.


SpeedCar - a race similar to the famous game LaneSplitter, or rather did not like, but almost identical. Why almost? Yes, because in this game you have a car available, specifically a sports car, but in LaneSplitter, remember, it was necessary to drive a motorcycle. In SpeedCar must compete with rivals and avoid passing cars, in order to win the prize, but had to be elementary LaneSplitter ride on the roadway and avoid the other cars, so all is not grim. But the graphics, voice and design of the game remain the same.
Pumpkins vs. monsters - arcade game where you have to defend against the nightmarish monsters, destroying their pumpkins. The game is there are five companies in each of fifteen levels. To destroy monsters Vym offered six options pumpkins, dynamite and mines. Pumpkins can be improved for the money received for the elimination of monsters. To hurl pumpkins into enemies, you must install 3 or more pumpkins next. The game has a cartoon-like graphics with a decent voice acting.


UBall - puzzle game for Android, made ​​in a dark manner. In the game you control a white ball with the help of gravity. According white ball you have to collect all the yellow balloons to get to the exit and pass the level.
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