You star as the commander will send robots to collect resources that are needed for the construction of production on other planets. Kicking against enemies that can attack.
In this game, the main character must escape the maze of bizarre monsters. You have to choose a safe place to escape.


You will manage a combat tank and fight with the enemy, to preserve security. Tanks-rivals have various behavior and your tank as you go you get new abilities.
You will take part in the match, which will play teams from different countries. Your task - to intercept a pass to himself and run the ball the referee on the field.
In this race, you can choose from one of the fearsome machines: Destroyer, Crusher, Butcher, Sasquatch, or the Black Mamba.

Aby escape

You need to play for a raccoon poloskun. He, by his own nature, transcend not bothering anyone. Unfortunately, the people around him are harmless not be called: always find some people who want to beat up our friend raccoon. It's the cops, it's riders, this hunter. Well, in this game you will only have application and make that save raccoon ulepetyvaya from enemies aimlessly.

Zombie Ace

The player will not stand up for our planet from invading zombies, as is the case in games of this genre, and the most to be in the role of a zombie and infect the whole of America. Now the least predictable plot: good not to win, must win evil. But zombies attacked quite unarmed, and you need to get equipment and weapons at people. Most will be of tremendous value fleet - in fact on the player will fly airplanes fourteen American cities and try to infect all the inhabitants. During the game you will have to perform a lot of tasks, the essence of which is - to infect humans. And in the course assignments to collect different bonuses and coins. Bonuses will increase the speed of the living dead, and a magnet for the coins. But the coins are the currency of the game - they open up new kinds of zombies, or you can improve your aircraft: fuel purchase and reserve side, as the inhabitants of the cities will vigorously resist and shoot at the enemy.
At the beginning of each game level before you will find the definition of the usual abstract figure matches. The figure is not complete. You must, by shifting the matches, bring the figure up to the start of the final state. Naturally, you are allowed to pass only a certain amount of matches. As to the final figure can be reduced in many ways. One of them is shown in a tooltip to each level. But, even in the case if you do figure in a different way than in the prompt, you can also successfully pass this level.
Open season on the birds! Take revenge on them for all the bullying you, your car, or an apartment. Use the crossbow to shoot down all kinds of birds in flight.

Elastic World


Elastic World - a logic game where you have to move the ball to collect all the stars on the level. To move the ball need to click on the various objects on the level, so that the ball bounced off of them. The game simple nice looking graphics and qualitative physics.

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