This lure puzzle game based on the destruction! Manage Mike UFO over city land and spread chaos and destruction with the help of tools and weapons: cars, skyscrapers, exploding cows, exciting beam, anti-gravity ramps, breaking ball.

Virtua Tennis Challenge for Android - simulator tennis of the highest quality. Take part in the fight with 50 players on the 18 stadiums around the world. Enjoy the game, going through the different modes in different courts.

Unique game for Android, has good graphics and user-friendly controls. You go to an abandoned space station. You need to discover its secrets and still survive. Be on the alert, the enemy will present to you a surprise.

Heavy Gunner 3D - an amazing intergalactic game. On the planet Earth was attacked by aliens. Kill the enemies in the galaxy. You have to turn the tide and win. To do this, you have a variety of weapons. You are encouraged to be 25 missions and 3 levels of difficulty.

Sleepy Jack


Jack - a boy who always dreams. You are immersed in a dream of Jack and your goal is not to wake him up! In the dream, he visits a wondrous place (space, deserts, underwater), which collects the achievements and bonuses. There are over 30 levels, many obstacles: the enemies and bosses, so be careful.

Blow up


Blow Up - a logic game where you have to destroy, destroy, destroy and think. The essence of the game - to blow up buildings, all units can be formed as a certain level. Put charges on any beam structure on each of the charges can set a timer.

The Game Roll A Joint - make joint and smoke it. Need to get a package of marijuana, chop it, put on a piece of paper, roll a joint and "smoke over the phone." Smoking is very close to the real through the microphone and touch screen smartphone.

Now you can spend an interesting football match with each of the 32 teams of the National Football League of America. At first glance the game is simple, but to win the match is difficult. The essence of the game - to get as many game points to win the league table.

Arcade and strategy in one game. Defend the tower from the onslaught of balloons with monkeys and a variety of tools (guns, airplanes, boats and so on). You can select a track and difficulty level. For each kill ball will be rewarded.

Math Gym - This is a game for the Android operating system will help your child learn math faster. You need to be driving a rabbit catch bag with the correct mathematical answer.
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