Air control


Your goal - to bring aircraft and helicopters to the correct landing sites so that they are facing. For each assigned an individual aircraft landing site. The more aircraft you plant, the more they will arrive.

Economic strategy in real time. Learn, build, create, discover, capture ... This game has a lot of planets, with which you can make an alliance or declare war on them.

In this game you have to capture more planets in each level. Collect army units and go on a hostile planet.
Cross Me - a collection of Japanese puzzles, which you should not answer the questions, to arrange numbers ... and paint! At each crossword with numbers encoded picture, and you have to decipher it.

Run Run Bear


Name of the game speaks for itself. In this game you have to save the bear, helping it to avoid danger. For convenience, you will dzhetpak.

Manage huge dinosaur destroy the city! Bullet through his fiery projectiles at home. You can also shoot the planes or in a container with a radioactive substance, to get more points and cause more damage.
Speed ​​Forge - extraterrestrial race speeds using weapons. The action takes place on Mars, where for many miles stretched hundreds of factories and mines.

Number link - puzzle challenge in which - together figures filling the field level.

In this game you need to protect the turret from the invasion of mechanical monsters. You will need to rotate it a full 360 degrees to kill all enemies.

Death Worm

In this game you need to control the giant worm that destroys everything in its path. He is not afraid of cars, tanks, aircrafts, soldiers, and even aliens.
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