Questy Quest - high-speed casual Android project, which will fully test the reaction of gamers, podkidyvaya them more and more new tests. The game is colorful design, cartoon graphic performance and a fun melody that plays throughout the gameplay. According to the storyline, users have to defeat the numerous monsters that inhabit the vast territory of a fictional universe.

Flippy Knife is a casual Android project from guys from Beresnev Games, which is a knife throw simulator. The gameplay of this novelty represents an analogue of such "children's" entertainment, which gained popularity in the late 90s of the last century, as "Knives".

Runestone Keeper - old-school Android "roguelik" with branched RPG, a set of skills and advanced equipment. Go on a journey through the mysterious dungeon and try to survive in this sinister place, collecting magical relics along the way and destroying groups of monsters.

After recovering from an unexpected loss of consciousness, the protagonist realizes that he is in a closed space, but does not even suspect that it is the main element of the game of a cruel maniac who has flown from the "coils". And in order to get out of the confinement and regain the desired freedom, the protagonist will use all his reflexes and not a hefty intellect.

Badminton Stars - we bring to your attention a simple Android sports arcade that will open for gamers all the secrets of a game like badminton. So, what do we have? A small court divided by a net, a referee sitting on a pedestal, and a couple of athletes who are trying, by all means, to win from their opponent.

Tumblestone - on Google Play for many years was laid out just a huge number of all sorts of puzzles, but the developers of the studio The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild created really something extraordinary, not having analogues. The main difference is an incredibly fast and dynamic gameplay, which practically leaves no time for users to meditate for a long time.

Merge Dragons! - in the transcendental world, far from the pressing problems, the kingdom of amazing creatures - the Dragons - thrives and marches through life. Unlike their earthly brethren, these creatures are completely devoid of aggression and are endowed with not a dense intellect, which helped them for many millennia to maintain balance among the general chaos.

Traffic Panic Boom Town - urban Android simulator with all the resulting gaming capabilities for the construction of a virtual municipal unit, flavored with colorful graphics, smooth animation and cheerful audio accompaniment.

Leap On!


Leap On! - casual Android arcade with intuitive control and dynamic gameplay from the studio Noodlecake Studios Inc. After launching the application, the user will see the playing field, inside of which is a dark figure with a multiplier of game points, around which all kinds of obstacles are chaotically located, and in the upper part our protagonist is a miniature globular ball.

RPG Puzzle - in this puzzle for the Android platform, in addition to the claimed developers, many genres are added - adventures, RPG, strategy, arcade. In the role of a brave protagonist, who decided to devote his whole life to adventures, the purpose of which is to collect treasures, the user will have to explore the most amazing worlds of the medieval universe.

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