Kitty Journey - adventure Android arcade with elements of "three-row" and cute kitty as a protagonist. Those users who have not yet bothered numerous "three in a row" this game should like it, although by and large there is nothing new in it, unless only a wheel of fortune that allows you to earn extra points and useful bonuses.

Geometry Hell: Dash Jump on the Beat - the gameplay of this arcade from the studio Rhythm Beat is almost completely borrowed from such a hardcore game as Geometry Dash, which many users are familiar with. The same square protagonist and infinite location with an abundance of all kinds of obstacles and traps. Control is implemented in it's touch - tap on the screen and the character will jump, leaving behind the spikes and other irregularities of the track.

The competition is not only an entertaining sport, demonstrating the well-coordinated work of a jockey and his horse, but also a quite traumatic occupation, both for both participants. The project of the Horse Show Jumping Challenge from the TapSim Game Studio offers users not only to pass the obstacle course in the competition process, but also to look after the horses in the off-season.

Stickman Survival vs Zombies - a runner from the studio Rainbow games on the theme of a zombie apocalypse, the main role in which went to such a well-known in the mobile industry character, as Stickman. Gameplay standard - the main character runs ahead in the locations on a full "machine", and the user can only manage his jumps, and "flashing" with automatic bursts of all the walking dead in the field of view.

RoboCraft Survive Craft - we bring to your attention a fascinating Android simulator, executed in a cubic Minecraft style, which offers users to visit and thoroughly explore the universe inhabited by a variety of robots. As in the computer Sandbox, the RoboCraft Survive Craft project has two main modes: Survival and Creative.

Bricks Breaker Puzzle - we bring to your attention a fascinating Android puzzle in the gameplay where the key place is allocated to the elements of Arkanoid. By tradition, characteristic of the claimed genre, the user has to destroy all elements on the field.

Block 1010 Puzzle - nicely implemented graphically Android puzzle, which due to the many modes has a tremendous replayability, so it will become a permanent "dweller" of your mobile device. One of the modes, meanwhile, allows you to compete in skill and intelligence with real players from around the world, which is much more interesting and gives a wide expanse for choosing tactics.

The life of the head of a huge country in Android simulator President 2017: life simulator from the studio Appzavr LLC is planned literally by the minute. In the first half of the day - an interview on a popular television channel, then - a working meeting, in the afternoon - addressing issues related to the construction of important facilities and improving the road infrastructure.

Clicker Racing is a colorful Android project from the guys from No Power-up, whose gameplay implies user participation in funny car racing. At the disposal of the gamer comes only one machine, but it can be fully pumped, increasing maneuverability and speed characteristics, which at times will increase the chances of winning in each match.



Min! - an exciting Android puzzle from the studio ZPLAY Games, distributed free of charge, but providing for the desire of a gamer and the purchase of paid game elements. Without advertising, of course, also did not happen, but this general circumstance can not spoil the overall positive impression of the novelty in any case.

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