Tiny Dino World: Return - this strategy will transfer the gamer during the Jurassic period and give under full control the settlement of prehistoric pangolins, which need to be improved and expanded using a fairly wide functionality.



A lot of rivals on modern high-speed cars, a squeaking of brakes and spectacular drifts on bends, the danger of moving into a ditch or turning over, and an uncontrollable desire to win at any price - but the possibilities and threats are mass, but where to find the middle ground.

Demise of Nations - this Android strategy with the capabilities of cross-platform multiplayer will send the user in the heyday and inevitable fall of the Roman Empire. Form and manage your troops, professionally capturing more and more new territories and defending your own frontiers.

Snake Towers - casual Android arcade from the Set Snail studio, on the account of which, although a few projects, but they are all very exciting and high-quality. The gameplay of this novelty is an ordinary Snake, though with some features, but the principle is still not changed. On the upper floors of the towers resting in the firmament, a snake inhabits the fantastic world.

Pets Race - Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends - a cartoon Android runner, the main characters of which are cats and dogs, between which for many years the ruthless confrontation has not subsided. The user can choose who he will manage, the dog or the cat, moreover, the gameplay does not change from this, except that the enemies appear in each case different.

Sultan Survival: The Great Warrior - become the best soldier of the Sultan, having gone on a journey through the lands of medieval Syria and Egypt, defend the faith of your monarch and ruthlessly destroy all the gentiles who dare to impose their own conditions and rules on you. Masterfully use a sharpened blade, forcing the heads of enemies to fly off their shoulders and leaving the enemies' bodies forever for ever in the endless sands of their kingdom.

LAB Escape! - the best minds worked for several years in secret laboratories to create new forms of life, and finally their work was crowned with success. An amazing organism was created, it remains to study its habits and adaptability to the conditions of the real world. Naturally, all this was to happen in a closed territory, away from ordinary people.

What kind of car simulators are not available on Google Play - taxi management, school buses, tractors, various construction equipment and other types of transport. However, the game Oil Truck Offroad Driving from the studio 3D Games Here put the gamer in the cab of a heavy truck that carries an easily flammable substance - oil.

Dominoes Jewel Block Merge is a puzzle from GER Happy Games studio, which uses the principles of "three-row", complicated by a couple of conditions for successfully passing the levels. So, after running the application, you will see the game field, which is filled with colorful elements that look like dominoes.

The screeching of metal parts, sparks flying in different directions, the fighters turned into lifeless piles of metal - the world of competitions in the game Clash Of Robots is cruel and categorical, only the most skillful and clever fighter can survive. The rest, unfortunately, go to the dump of life!

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