Hazy Race


Hazy Race - the next Android timecambler from the studio Ketchapp, which creates their novelties with a truly unthinkable speed. Casual gameplay, minimalism in graphic design, intuitive control and the absence of any plot - the developers keep the "mark". Do not know how to spend your free time?

Liege - Bastogne - Liège, Flanders Tour, Fløche Valonne, Giro di Lombardy, Tour de France and many other monumental cycling races invariably attract viewers from all over the world who closely follow developments on the highway, rooting for leaders and supporting outsiders.

Exact calculation. The Bay of the Rowanberry - Ever since the golden fever came, the provincial town of Snowboard Creek in the time of the gold rush has become a place of pilgrimage for many thousands of seekers of a better life. People from all over the world, leaving their homes and the old way of life, set off on a long voyage, with neither guarantees of a better life, nor shelter over their heads - but the desire for profit still forced them to move forward.

Puncher is a boxer, endowed with a powerful, usually sending opponents in a deep knockout blow, which the public idolizes, and the most famous promoters try to entice into their team. It is this star of the ring that you have to try to become in the project Pixel Punchers for the Android platform.

Bolls - Bend your Mind - an adherent to the principle of minimalism is an addictive Android puzzle from the guys from Transparent Root, whose gameplay is completely based on balancing in the process of passing through numerous locations and levels. Immediately say, the project uses realistic physics, so it's difficult to perform gaming tasks, and sometimes the gameplay is just hardcore.

The Weapon King - the events of this casual Android game occur in a fantastic universe, over which the sword of Damocles is mortally threatened. Through a series of ridiculous accidents, a portal was opened into an alternative dimension, inhabited by horrible creatures and monsters.

Planet Jumper - go on a space trip to different galaxies and worlds in this exciting Android timekiller with atmospheric gameplay and stylish graphics performance. For developers of the AwesomeX studio, this project is a debut, so we will not strictly judge the guys and pick on the little things, as a whole the novelty was successful and will certainly find its player.

Miss Switch is a fascinating Android story from guys from CMGE Group Limited, where everything is betrayal, friendship, immense fantastic locations, and magic, and the need to think logically by performing several game tasks at once. The plot of this novelty will tell us about the young sorceress who lived in the enchanted forest, and her only friend was a small kitten, rescued to her from the clutches of wild animals.

Rocket Rumble - Android space strategy, which provides for both the user's format and multiplayer mode, which, naturally, is much more interesting and fuller in terms of functionality. In principle, everything is pretty standard and expected - we create our fleet from available ships and go to protect our borders, making regular sorties to capture new galactic territories.

The universe of Midgard both beckons with its extraordinary beauty, and repels the danger, waiting for the traveler literally at every step. Riot of colors and fantastic vegetation distracts and makes you freeze in amazement, and local inhabitants, who, by the way, are not all aggressive, accompany the traveler with a curious glance and sometimes a warning roar.

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