Dragon Hunter - an exciting game with a lot of diverse, colorful levels. The essence of the game is to defend the castle from attacking dragons. At the beginning of the game you have a fortress, in the fortress until only one archer, which protects your castle from dragons.

Angry Birds Space includes 60 levels in the interstellar space, providing an exciting game - from slow puzzles to lightning damage. The updated birds and their superpowers, the space is unlimited.

Angry Birds Rio is created based on the eponymous painting Rio waiting for you! Angry Birds have been kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escaped from the kidnappers and to rescue his friends, two very rare macaws: Blu and Jewel.



Bright colorful game. Test yourself on the ability to think logically with this toy!

Do you want to tickle your nerves? Then this game is for you! Being in it, you feel wild passion!

Angry Birds Season the second part of the popular game Angry Birds who seek to avenge the pigs who stole their eggs. Now we have to play in three colorful mirahpolnyh surprises.

Angry Birds et about best game for mobile devices. With trelyay birds slingshot on sophisticated enemy fortifications and green pigs who act as enemies who stole bird eggs.

Extreme Skater - game with excellent graphics and lovely special effects that fill the whole level. Go for a drive and collect all the fragments of a fallen meteorite and use them at full power! The more tricks you do, the higher your rate.

Asphalt 5


Asphalt 5 - Most race with a nice gameplay. Get behind the wheel of any of 30 cars and motorcycles, including Ferrari, Lamborgini, Ducati. Take part in 6 different races, from drifting to the chase.

Rune Raiders - a game that combines several genres - RPG, puzzle and strategy. In the game you have to lead a team of heroes and a journey, full of dangers, fight with lots of enemies and get untold treasures ...

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