Pizza vs Skeletons platform Android - it's cheerful, exciting and fun arcade game. Giant pizza against the army of zombies - can there be anything more absurd and this, together with the more fascinating? Excellent product of Italian food, valiantly fighting with skeletons, bats, zombies and other evil spirits - it is also fervently: pretty to look at humanized side pizza terribly grimaces and groans with an effort in the successful destruction of the enemy.

If you like the popular board games like checkers or chess, then the game CubeSieger you like it too. The goal - to beat his opponent, and you need to have excellent spatial thinking, in order to win on the board size of 6x6 cells, where you can build cubes in three layers. You can play against the Android and against other users via the Internet. Interestingly enough, funny and quite difficult.

Extreme Road Trip - accelerates the car from the mountains and rushes forward. Sometimes you just go, sometimes really flying. Of control - only two virtual buttons that allow to turn your car on the move or counter-clockwise. In this game there is no need to overcome obstacles, demonstrating miracles trial. Then you just need to accelerate as quickly as possible, but to fly as far as possible, enjoying a sense of virtual weightlessness.



ARKEON - great game combines chess and abstract space strategy! Your goal is to destroy the enemy and defend your own base, for this you have a few pieces and a set number of moves! Over time, you will understand that you must first build correctly Defense and later are gradually trying to attack the enemy! Terms of the opposing sides are exactly the same, so everything depends on your ability to properly calculate your moves!

Baseball not the most popular in our game, but this game deserves a sport that you played in it. This is no ordinary sports simulator, and well designed arcade game that will surely capture you with its gameplay for long. You can act as a mentor and as a baseball player. Typing game bonuses, you expand the ability to improve your team: the acquisition of new players and sports equipment is due to the money received for the matches.

We invite you to the world of strategy! Install game «Wars Online» and take part in knightly tournaments war against real opponents from around the world, collect gold, and improve performance of their military resources. Letting his army to the landslide victory!

Your task is to destroy the huge buildings, shooting them from your available weapons. Very curious, and the fact that the various units have their own features and it is necessary for the game to consider. The game offers 120 levels, which are divided into four episodes, amazing physics and high-quality graphics, support for HD, two types of control and more than ten versions of weapons.

Chilean Miner - a game that will transfer you to the reality of the dark cave, canyons and mines in search of treasure. You will need to avoid contact of bats, scary plants, inhabitants of the dungeon, which do not look forward to your visit! But, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, that is to receive the sacred treasures to go through all of this. Very interesting game. Hone your skills and try to become the best, but also the richest miner!

Once again, the Finnish studio Rovio pleases us your masterpiece, this time players waiting addictive gameplay with the project Angry Birds Star Wars. The game in itself combines unparalleled gameplay "Angry Birds" with an entourage of legendary space saga "Star Wars." From now on, the birds can not just explode, they have appeared in the arsenal of lasers, lightsabers, and of course, power. Fans of George Lucas film series easy to compare birds with characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker, a crafty pig disguised as a Darth Vader and his stormtroopers.



Galaxy - an unusual puzzle game, in which the player must be connected to a finger all the stars. Will you be able to do this? Catch the fancy game for both adults and kids. Galaxy - is two hundred levels, which every next update will become bigger. There are three game modes. In the Challenge, the player will encounter as you progress through the levels of increasing complexity. Mode Arcade - Challenge yourself. A mode Time Attack - go over a certain time period as many levels.

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