Far away in the galaxy has a great planet, inhabited only dinosaurs. This planet is divided into three areas: "Deep Sky," "Desert" and "Forest". But once there was something terrible - all because of a natural disaster of unknown mixed, and different types of dinosaurs can not get along with each other. In order to settle on areas of dinosaurs had been sent a special agent, for which the player and to play. Exciting game with nice graphics.

Interesting arcade from a noble game developer Alawar. This time, the player will play for a small dog named Zeus, who went along with the owner and his family in the long-awaited vacation, but an error in the airport divided family, and Zeus found himself in unfamiliar terrain by himself. Zeus did not give up, make a simple airplane improvised, he begins the difficult and long journey, during which he will need to overcome many thousands of miles in order to be reunited with his family. High-quality graphics will delight the player throughout the game play, you'll see the seven dissimilar locations, which show different countries with their topography and landscape.

Wizard Runner - a classic arcade game where you have to constantly run, overcoming obstacles, kill monsters, collect gold coins and run with it as possible. The gold coins you can buy new spells, and improve existing ones. The game is made in 2D graphics with high-quality rendering. Also worth noting simple control through a single button, with which our hero will make jumps. With a single click of a button - the hero makes a normal jump. If pushed for a while - our character makes a powerful jump. And by quickly clicking twice our character jumps twice as high.

Sector Strike game will appeal to all fans of classic scrolling shooter in which dominates the dynamics and simple gameplay. Unlike other similar games, you have to fly across and simultaneously destroy many enemies. Your warship well armed, that will allow you to quickly and easily to deal with your enemies and bosses. Take the challenge and try to survive the endless slaughter. The graphics in the application is able to please a nice futuristic design and 3D models of spacecraft.

Unusual and colorful pinball waiting for you in this game application ... You just download and enjoy the gameplay. To start the game, select one of the available tables. Then run into the playing field a metal ball and start to gaining game points. On each level you are given five balls. Management performed by Tapani flippers on one half of the screen of your gadget.

A very fun arcade game in which you are the Pelican Pavlik, who loves sweets. You just need to collect sweets and avoid crashing into obstacles, but it is only early on, and after a couple of game levels, you are given weapons and different devices to destroy opponents. 'Feature' of the game a huge amount, all of this come in handy for the passage of strong bosses. Vivid game with a very convenient and easy gameplay.

Excellent sports game, where you have a bike to ride on different roads. A huge number of unique worlds, each with its own distinctive features. Overcome all the obstacles as soon as possible in order to earn the most points. Any wrong move your gadget will lead you to lose, so you should play as gently as possible. On your bike has suspension, but the game is not all right with the physics, so you can almost jump from place to a great distance.

Nice little worm must quickly get from one apple to another. You have to fly as a taxi in the jungle. Control of the game takes place through the sensor and the accelerometer of your gadget, it will enable you to successfully negotiate your way all the obstacles. Application vibrant 2D graphics, more than fifty levels with increasing difficulty.

Kalahari Sun Free - it is an unusual game machine. This game has an interesting design with wild animals in Africa, and very friendly and interesting gameplay.

Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus - it qualitatively traced mysterious quest. Though in the game and there was only one location, it is able to keep on their toes from the start and to caption! You start the game in a closed bathroom in which, in all probability not long ago happened satanic sacrifice - on the floor mysterious signs and circles bath filled with blood and sometimes a ghost. But the main goal - to get out of there alive!

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