This game application enemy paratroopers, soldiers, tanks, and destroyers will seek to break the wall, which will protect your character - Bomber Man! That is, your goal is not to allow the enemy to do so. Every enemy has a unique special ability, so you have to be very quick to think and decide what kind of pick and throw a bomb at the enemy. In the battle you'll get points by which you can improve weapons or take the fortified walls.

Bad Blood TCG - enter into merciless battle between humans, werewolves and vampires. You are waiting for four playable races, in order to pursue the collection of hundreds of different credit cards. Mix and match cards to create strong teams and struggle with powerful bosses and online opponents. Use special opportunity to build their own unique strategy.

Do you still remember the evil old lady? She is with us again, and this time wants to go round the world journey, but again on the agenda raises money issue, because retirement does not increase, and will need to travel a lot of money. Actually for this reason that the game Angry Gran 2 granny again takes over the baton and is robust to the streets in order to wring more cash out of people, and enjoy life. In this part, there is still the same fun hand-drawn graphics and a huge variety of locations.

Go through an epic adventure to help a cute robot Dir find their loved ones. Pass through the six dozen challenging levels, each of which is decorated with funky graphics higher level! Due to certain circumstances, the main character for a long time was in sleep mode, and the family left him, but now he came to life again, and wants to return to his family in what was gone! You are the only one who can help the robot to have a family again. To help in this Dir you will be carried through the animated worlds, visiting along the way specific platform. Dir The robot has a special ability that allows you to absorb the energy from foreign platforms. To soak up the robot force platform to approach her and tapnuv screen wait until the main character will absorb its power! At each level, the game is one of the lost members of the family of our robot. If you're constantly collecting power of the platforms, you'll master uneventful final boss and save native Dir!



SheepRun - unpretentious and fun arcade game for Android. Sheep family in danger and need to flee quickly and use your mind to overcome various obstacles in order to finally get to the native crib. Father-sheep's overweight and sluggish, mom jumping, little light and can crawl through any crack. Using the advantages of each, place the sheep from one river bank to the other, until the wolf came running. For this you need to solve logic puzzles, using the abilities of the sheep and the properties of the territory.

The player will have to drive a car and destroy the vile mob of hungry zombies. Your vehicle will be very unusual. This is the real instrument of death, which can be equipped with machine guns, ultrafast accelerators and other improvements.

Very simple, yet interesting idea for a game. You just need to gather at all the bubbles within a specified number of attempts. Doing this you will be using a very unusual and lovely creatures. Just pull the tail geezer against the direction of motion, then release. Look forward to three exciting world and seven different creatures. Moreover, it is possible to feed your patronized in a simple mini-game. And all this in the accompaniment cute graphics and relaxing audio accompaniment. The game Fling a Thing can play even small children.

You will have to hunt for aliens - thieves corn. You take on the role of customary slogger-farmer who diligently working on their land, growing corn. And everything was fine, corn produced good yields, but suddenly everything went awry. Cruel and constantly hungry aliens decided to usurp your entire crop. You have to give a fitting rebuff to the aliens. Sit in the processor and drive out these bold green men. Not counting the combine, in your left there is a gun, but with a small amount of ammunition. Use neat fire to destroy the UFO and kill them all!

Dark Legends


Human race has found the existence of real vampires and is now preparing to global events that are focused on their ultimate destruction. Of course, it's not so easy to implement. The player will have breathtaking confrontation between two strong races that give each other not collected. Humans and vampires are using tricks and strategies which focus on the positive for the outcome of each of the parties. You have the choice of the party for whom will play a total of six of them in the game.

Finger Slayer boxer - ubivalki great time with a straightforward plot and a festive atmosphere. Check own reaction to this funny game. Drive with your finger the little man who must dodge the rapid and well-aimed blows of boxing gloves. This game is simple, starts the countdown, after which followed a blow boxing glove. If you move too early, you lose, you are too slow - you lose, Dodge - win. Longer than you would expect, while the glove you will knock, the more points earned.

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