Help the protagonist Klopex save the universe from the evil plans of the blasphemous professor Minch in an interesting game Klopex Galactic Bubble! Sojourn in unimaginable ten worlds, releasing them with the virus, various pests and powerful bosses. The fate of the universe is in your hands! This game does not leave you indifferent - from her impossible to put down!

Hippo gum - is a combination of puzzle and arcade games, you expect a great abundance of levels, from basic to highly complex. Come play the levels, earning awards and stars! The game can be played from 4 to 100 years. Walk from start to finish as chewing gum, avoiding obstacles in its path and traps. A funny gippopotamchik will help you in this, because he loves to chew on, and inflate large bubbles!

Fish Party Online - play in this application can be in the online mode and without. The player will act as a small fish, which have the opportunity to dress up in any bright clothing. You will be given a choice of different problems and the complexity of the game. You can play together and travel together with their friends.

Dog Work


Dog Work In game you will control a specially trained herding dog! But this is not an easy task, you need to always be afraid of gray hungry predators - wolves, who are not averse to eat sheep. The game nice graphics and fun music.

You have to play a special agent for MI-6 and solve a large number of interesting problems. In any mission has its own mini-games, this is the core gameplay adds even more interest. If you like challenging puzzles, 100 Missions just for you. Arm logic, resourcefulness and his sixth sense. In the game great graphics and atmospheric music.

Would you like to join the present confrontation with the dangerous zombies? Then install the game Zombie Raiders on your gadget and show the walking dead, who in this world is the real owner. So, you pilot your helicopter suddenly ended kerosene, and you make an emergency landing. Landed in a strange place, you realize that you were on the territory, which is simply crawling with zombies. To save, you need to urgently find fuel for his helicopter. But this is no easy task. To repel the dead, you need to build small structures that will protect you in dangerous situations. For all you get killed by a zombie game currency, which you can buy weapons and the necessary building materials.

Puppet War: FPS ep.1 - spectacular 3D shooter with high-quality 3D graphics, music and animation. Characters of "Sesame Street" is no longer willing to entertain rebyatni, they announced the people the real war! - Your aim is to destroy them. Act rather old "toys" set up very dramatically! In your arsenal of many different kinds of weapons: chainsaws, swords, guns, boxing gloves, rifles, pistols, grenades and other items that can cause with serious injuries. Dolls with which to fight, just the sea and they are all very different. Similarly, in the game there are bosses, which is much more difficult to destroy.

Leaky Pipes - addictive puzzle game in the style of the famous game "The Plumber." You need to seal the pipe in order to establish normal water supply.

Help the little monkey and fun to get all the treasures of the world. To steal the treasure, the main character uses many different techniques. She bounces around, and somewhere it needs to soar up in a balloon. Our monkey is so resourceful in order to achieve your goal, it is simply impossible to stop. And will ape the rich - it depends only on you.

Bubble Shooter Candy Dash - a game for sweet lovers and connoisseurs of the genre, "three in a row." You need to shoot for a candy of one color, and thus destroy them three or more pieces. Cheerful game with funny music.

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