Sticky Linky - an interesting puzzle from studio Alawar. For the basis of the game developers have taken the classics - "three in a row," but the order finalized it. An excellent game play game has quality graphics. Drawn levels look amazing, and exclusive atmosphere causes the player to spend all the free passage of time, as away from the game is simply unrealistic. Look for a chain of five or more identical items. When you click on a chain, it instantly evaporate and came in motion the construction will create more absorption. By doing this you will be able to earn valuable combo.

Wonderful arcade for younger players where you need to manage a very nice machine for the sweet caramel race tracks! Rules of the game are easy to "Tapan" on the device's screen during the descent from the mountain and then the car will accelerate to the point up the hill to the screen is not touched, the car does not halt! Incredible run, on which children will demonstrate breathtaking stunts and jumps, all in bright and colorful graphics!

Blocks of Pyramid Breaker 2 - the second part of the popular Arkanoid for the Android platform, made in the unique style of the Great Egypt. Players expect more than six dozen exciting new levels, enhanced graphics and interface, many bonuses and building the Sphinx.

Beellionaire - the player will help the little bee in the woods to look for food. Year was a bad harvest, and now, in order to survive, bees must not only, as they previously did, to collect pollen from the flowers of the field and forest, but also capture the other hive. Letting his brave soldiers bees to capture of neighboring hives, but be careful, because a lot of obstacles in the forest and the dangers that can ruin your plans and leave your own hive, not only without food, but without the protection of bees soldiers.

Red Wing Ikaro Racing HD - try to be the pilot of the aircraft extra class, and pass with flying colors all the way from beginner to seasoned ace. Aircraft recreated almost maniacal punctuality, cameras, depicting flying from all angles, making an impression on the flight so, what kind you can only dream of. Types of work up to the smallest element of the landscape form of presence in the air. Red Wing Ikaro Racing - action game, so be careful.

It has been for centuries the planet Battle Mushrooms mushrooms is suffering from regular attacks of space bandits. Mushroom government meanwhile was able to prepare defenses and army to stop once and for malicious invaders. So, the player will take command of the army of mushroom, build a military base, to produce useful resources and put defensive towers in an overall strategy. Tactically, choose a place of construction of the main buildings, as the enemy can attack from anywhere. The main resource for the development of the military base is a crystal, you can extract them by a large red mushroom. Build quickly, and then the enemy will step on you without a break. After successful completion level accrued award points that can be spent on improving their fungi units. The game amazing 3D graphics, fifteen different locations and interesting gameplay.

Evil Army rose from hell and wants to learn Nikronomikon book, to dip into the darkness and rivers of blood the whole world! Along with the main character, Army of Darkness Defense player to stop the invasion of the forces of evil and save the book, stopping the end of the world. To the story line play has been selected the final scene the movie "Evil Dead", in which there is the fatal battle of good and evil. Perhaps, with this film, the first association is the main character with a chainsaw instead of a hand, which is armed with a powerful shotgun and lots of black humor. In addition to the application you will be able to run, and with other well-known characters: Sir Henry, crawl Arthur, Merlin, and so on. Together with them, the player will have to defend the book Nikronomikon and stop the incursion of evil.

TIPP-KICK Championship - porting on the Android platform of the famous board game called TIPP-KICK. This is a turn-based tactical football, where you will manage a striker, defender and goalkeeper.

The Lost Ghosts - puzzle to love children, and adults often enjoy playing! Little funny ghost of you hiding in the colorful houses, always looking out of the windows. Your goal - to find all as quickly as possible. With each mileage level game difficulty increases, and new characters, thereby increasing the complexity of the game. The Lost Ghosts - this is good training for the mind, which promotes the development of visual memory.

Pixel Rain - addictive puzzle game. You have to protect the precious stones and gold coins from the deadly rain of pixels that can easily destroy them. Wealth, as we all know, it is necessary not only multiply, but also closely guarded. To do this, you have the left side of the screen is the list of items and you have to protect your jewelry. To use the object, you need to select it by touching the screen with your finger, and then move to the right place. When you use all of the objects from the left side of the screen, on top of the falls you hail from injecting pixels and, in certain cases, ext. subjects. Your goal is to the most productive to organize the defense of your available resources.

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