This is not just another game - this picturesque fairy-tale world, where there are huge dragons, wise magicians, good-natured monster and unusual plants. You need to help the young heiress of these beautiful lands to ascend to the throne and learn all the tricks of the government.
Stylish Sprint is a dynamic runner who got excellent graphics and a great number of support options that can give the game variety. You'll be trying their hand at overcoming eleven locations in each of them there for a few quests.
Empire Defense II - a continuation of the legendary project Tower Defense. The game has received more detailed and improved graphics, which, of course, is good news.
My First Trainz Set - railroad simulator in which to build a toy railway line and then ride on it. You are given complete freedom of action to build roads. In game four locations (bedroom, living room, a mini-car garage, kitchen) and nine varieties of trains


In this game you need to assist the creation of the ridiculous named Squibble get home. To do this, move to the obstacles in the barrier, sticking to them. But be careful in the way you will arise various traps and enemies
Arcade - the absolute analog Fruit Ninja, which shared the brave samurai katana fruit. Here, instead of fruit you need to divide the vegetables, and then instead of explosives toxic potion, which also is to "walk away"
One of the best RPG games for Android. Select a character, customize to your liking and to explore the beautiful fantasy world. You will find a lot of quests, battles, items and total freedom acts. In the game-designed military system implemented changing atmospheric conditions and the change of day and night. It is possible to play multiplayer via Bluetooth.
The game must be ruthless zombikov shoot to save his life. Your task is to clearly defeat the purpose - to move around the level is prohibited. Zombikov will kill with a pistol, assault and sniper rifles, as well as grenade
The Game - laying in the main. Someone has already done this, but not true, and people can not use it. You need to fix it! Remove the pipe from the ground is prohibited, so you just have to connect them correctly.
In this game, based on physics, your character from different places and through many obstacles have to get to the basketball hoop. But with each level it becomes not so easy!
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