In this game you are in the role of an aggressive sperm will evolve and capture other people's cells to become the master.
This simple game requires from you as fast as possible to blow out a virtual candle that burns on the screen. You blow into the microphone, and the software determines the strength with which you do it.
Spend time with this classic puzzle game! Collect a series of 4 or more ghosts of the same color by moving them. Then they disappear, their place will drop new ghosts, and you earn points or bonuses.
Another pool for smartphones! You will like it, even if you are not a professional. The game has several modes: practice, play against the computer, play against people on the same device.
In this game you'll pass a test to find out the age of your brain. 20 years - is the most active age of the human brain.
You have to guess riddles for ingenuity. They are divided into four categories: logic, math, puzzles Mensa society and history.
Very suitable application for parties and games with your friends! Bottle, which rotates and provides jobs, a word game for a while, crocodile, bomb.
You can become a football coach! Select a team and train players. You decide who will play in the match, and who will remain on the lava spare, you can replace the tired and injured players.
This game is a little logic puzzle. Gameplay is very simple, it is necessary to trace the outline shown in the geometric shape so that two times not to take any edge.
All known game Millionaire! Answer the 15 questions. You have 4 possible answers, 4-combustible amount and 4 tips. All the game has about 10,000 questions, there is a global table of millionaires, the results of which can be sent once a day.
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