Crazy Penguin Catapult - arcade game with nice graphics and sound, which will not let you get bored. First you need driving catapult start in the right direction the maximum number of penguins, and then attack the penguins polar bears in different parts of the board, including in caves.



Use tap with a water cannon and Bring the perfect angle and height of the cannon to put out the fire, turn the wheel to activate the trap and overcome obstacles, this charming game, based on the physics of water particles.

Panic Flight

Panic Flight - a game where you have to contrive and gather up the coins and avoid obstacles. You are a pilot of a passenger liner luxury aviation company.
Wonderful chess from Polarbit, which we would say is the most real and meaningful! In the first game a superb collection of graphics, animation and effects than can boast other developers ...
Final Freeway 2R - this is a great sequel to the famous game Final Freeway. The best game developers have added in this version! They listened to all of your wishes of the players, as it isdelali interesting.


Defeat your enemies in more than 200 physical puzzles of 5 sets of missions, and make your way to Bacon. Bacon - the best friend of the hero, who was in the evil clutches of the enemy. Use your deadly arsenal and destroy those who dared to oppose the Hambo on his noble mission.
Protect the planet from alien invasion! Tower defence with advanced system development. Find artifacts, earn experience and improve their skills in order to complete the game.

Great Little War Game-based strategy with funny graphics performance and elements of action in 3D graphics. Fight your enemies on the ground, in the air and at sea, looking tactical decisions every turn.

Guess the famous company logos, test your memory! In the game you will find a huge number of logos with missing parts, and you have to guess the company. You think you know by heart all these logos? It was not there! Sometimes, the name of the company vpomnit byvaetochen hard!
A game in which you have to transform the level itself to get out of it. Find the key and run to the exit. Levels consist of separate parts that can move relative to each other.
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