Zombie Smash

ZombieSmash - allows you to vengeance pokurazhitsya of the walking dead and help poor old Joe, who tries to survive in their own home. To combat the crowd hungry zombies flesh he uses everything, every possible means, which makes the game interesting and challenging. In the game there a lot of humor and irony, this guarantees you a good mood. Graphics are great, wonderfully made themselves zombies and they have a good animation and sharp movements resemble a rag doll, with whom you can do whatever you want.

Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane for devices based on Android. Again returning to our old familiar zombie. This time, you should not only be alive, but as best as possible to arrange your own accommodation. In this game, you'll be together with a fairly solid handful of survivors to create a village, while you need to simultaneously fend off pesky zombies and vile. This game is performed in a humorous style, it is perfect for players who want to relax a little.

Ski safari


Gameplay in the game just a wonderful ski safari. At first, you have to get away from the storm, using the bed. Subsequently, you will change the subject to the ski (actually early in the game). However, in some game time ski run. But, do not lose heart. The creators have come up with a large number of subjects and different animals that will come to your aid. So, for example, you will have the opportunity to ride on the penguin, snowman on and the eagle. Udiraya the lava, you will collect the coins, which will be converted into game points. Naturally, the more points you have, the more you find yourself up in the standings. By the way, it must be said that the game is implemented for determining the scale of your tricks. If you're doing something spirited, this scale increases. The higher it is, the more points you get for one pick up the golden coin.

This game is an ordinary puzzle. The main difference from other similar games is that these puzzles you will have to wait for the image to the characters, which you know very well since the animated series, and second, this game is well thought out and executed.



This game is different from other strategies beautiful graphics. As a rule, all strategies are not made so juicy, so that the emphasis is placed primarily on gameplay than the cute pictures. However, the developers of this game did a good job, and we can contemplate entertaining geympey coupled with great graphics, great animation and excellent sound effects! With an understanding of the basic problem, no one there difficulties - need to do a lot of different jobs. And doing this is accompanied by a lot of different fights with opponents. To do this you need to build your own army, battle strategy to invent, to try to apply the maximum capabilities of your soldiers. And it's not quite that simple, given that the enemy will sometimes excel in strength, but not in the ability to lead the battle.


Lively arcade game with great physics. The players need to build towers out of blocks, using the accelerometer to defile and destroy the highway construction. In game two modes: "Quick Play" and "Adventure". In the "Adventures" is waiting for you six (forest world, a cold world, desert, underwater, computer and space) worlds performed different levels and highways. The game good graphics and joyful voice instructions.
Soccer on ice. It's funny if you're not skating and weigh one hundred and eighty pounds. Pick players and beat them in the tournament. Need to score as many goals opponent! But management is not comfortable, with such dimensions of the gate hard to please! Beautiful game, developed by physics and good sound.

Sleepy Jack

The game Sleepy Jack to help you become a little boy named Jack prosnutsya.On loves lasers and explosives and therefore he is dreaming. Mission levels help him wake up, if he does not wake up the level provalen.V game three difficulty levels, great graphics and excellent voice.
Guitar Hero 6 - The most famous guitar simulator moved from prefix to your Android. Try your own sense of rhythm. Arcade game puts you in the music, feel like a rocker-guitarist and become a star. Be the universal rock star culture spend the performances in all the states of the earth. In the game a lot of great music. Creators stinted on schedule and that what happened in between.

Johnny Banana

Interesting arcade style Mario and Sonic ... You play as a tiny obezyanku that really loves bananas and still wants to find the Evil Candy ... The game twenty-four level and six various locations.
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