Game for several players to develop speed, skill and teamwork. Game that can be cut from 1 to 4 players, at the beginning, select the number of players (one to four), depending on this area will be divided into as many shares (one to four), the screen will fall out various tasks and have to respond instantly, the one who first responds that and will get one point, but if he will answer incorrectly then it will take away 1 point (allowed to enter and negative) will win the one who at the end of the game will be the most points. Success!


Spinballs - addictive puzzle game with stunning graphics and unique gameplay will not leave this igruschku without interest. At each level, you are provided with 7 drives and in each of 6 multicolored circles. You need to turn the wheels and combine balls of the same colors.
Addictive game to control your reaction, cunning and precision. The main character called Gibson. You should exercise its course moving up and shoot at everything that moves and moves.
Droid machine Pro - is a great puzzle game with 2D graphics, and it is easy control. Your goal - to form designs to yellowish components touch each other. A huge plus of this game is that you can build your own level, to pass it and keep their own arrangements.


This beautiful toy you need to feed the frog different insects. But not all so simple, some insects have not. So be careful. This excellent game you will not take a single day. The game good governance, videographers and sound.

Entertaining arcade game with iOS now become available to the OS and Android! In this game, performing the role of a ninja. Having come to the pond, he was impatient to catch a big fish. Try to lower the hook fishing tools as far as possible, in order to catch the big fish to roll left and right use the accelerometer. When the fish is hooked by the hook of your fishing rod, immediately pull up in order to shred the fish into small pieces. The game features more than sixty species of fish.

Introducing the players' attention qualitative simulator helicopter with 4 blades - ARDrone Sim. In the game your main task will be flying a helicopter in the pipes or through the ring and landing in the most difficult places on different landing sites. Before you begin the game, you will be presented to the selection of a helicopter (with open or closed blade), and its color (there are three versions of the open blades) you wish. Next choose the site, on which you want to fly and started working to the actual game itself. Control helicopters will take place through 2-multiposition joysticks. Manage the flying machine is very difficult, as the gameplay is extremely close to the present. Adds a reality and that it is possible even during the game to choose the type of one-person, which will give the opportunity to experience the nuances of governance.
If you love to drive cars, then you need to play the game Krazy Kart Racing. This is a wonderful combination of racing and cartoon graphics. Before the game was only available for owners of devices with IOS. Today, they are available for the owners of devices running Android. The game has five modes in fifteen different tracks. You can choose one of the available modes, and you can play with your friends. Characteristics: well designed tracks in five worlds; • very addictive gameplay; • the presence of 5 different game modes; • Beautiful graphics with a good drawing of 3D-models of characters and scenes.

Diamond Boom


Diamond Boom - the well-known childhood game where you need to collect crystals of different colors in groups of 3 pieces or more, while earning rewards. In turn, bonuses can be purchased separately. The more points you will score, the higher will be your ranking in online scoreboard. High-grade graphics and very beautiful effects make the game attractive and fascinating. And the audio soundtrack perfectly blends into the gameplay. Level will have to go through in one minute. Also you have the opportunity to compete in skill against other players in online tournaments, for which you need to create your account in the service Facebook and get authorization through the game.



X-Bugs - it's bugs, the resulting errors of genetic expertise of Dr. Baga. They attack anything that gets in their way, the world is in grave danger. They are endowed with superhuman abilities, adapt to surround the environment, become stronger, wiser, learn new places to live. However, players will be able to protect the world from the vile parasites! They have a rare weapon to be used depending on the situation and beetles.

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