Play your favorite game Battleship on your phone. You can compete with real opponents or play with artificial intelligence, select the desired level of difficulty.


The game provides an opportunity to become a scholar of Chemical and Biological Sciences, who must overcome a terrible infection. We should protect humanity from the harmful bacteria, displacing antibodies.
Become a real defender of the city, which attack the meteorites! You must skillfully use the air defense system to be able to save the inhabitants of the city from a terrible death.
Test the speed of their response and attention to this simple game! The main characters are lost in a maze. Help them out! It must be done in a very short time.

Paper toss

Paper toss - a game whose main objective - crumple a useless piece of paper lying around on your desk, and to please them in the waste bin. Probably every person at least once in my life, as soon as it was very sad, tossed in the trash any thing, for example, a bottle of lemonade, or again the paper. Today you have the opportunity to spend your time, do not damage the real thing. Why do you present the paper, if there is a Smartphone? This question for the creators of the game paper toss, then saw the light of this masterpiece.

100 floors


New and complex puzzle for your device, which implements a large number of levels with lots of challenges. Do you think that you are the quick-witted and attentive? Play the game and check it out.

From the first seconds of the game wins the player's own simple and nice-looking graphics. All artfully drawn, not the same level. Indeed, since the lack of diversity in this genre of games that require long mozgovat, sometimes boring monotony and immediately have the feeling to end the game. However, with the release of 100 floors it's over!

Age of war


Stand up to defend your land from the invasion of the armies of aggressive aliens from distant galaxies of space. The player will have to learn to fight with the enemy, using different types of their fighters. Your goal to eliminate the opponent base and protect your own base. Build defense towers, hire soldiers who can not only fight in melee combat, but also those who will be able to cover your rear. Build and evolve, becoming a powerful and invincible.

Forever Drive


Demonstrate an upscale art of driving sports cars on the routes of varying difficulty and prestige. Drive to the racetrack for the allotted time to be the best of the best. In the course of the race on the way collect various bonuses. Strive to avoid hitting the cars that are involved with you in the competition, because it is very cool reduces the speed of your supercar.

Get up chest to protect its territory from the invasion of the enemy troops. You need to build a protective capacity of different combat buildings to eliminate attacking your territory enemy forces. Make their facilities better, invent your own strategy of battle. Do your best to not let the enemy get to your land.

Battle Monkeys


Participate in an exciting intellectual battle monkeys and set who is the strongest among you. The player needs to control the monkey, moving to different cells in the field. Any cell means one or other action against the enemy. Different actions (disappearance, healing, damage, different methods, and much more). Your goal to get out of the battle undisputed winner.

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